OnePlus 6T Mclaren Edition

OnePlus 6T Mclaren Edition unveiled in India

At the ‘OnePlus 5th Anniversary Celebration: Salute to Speed’ community event in Mumbai, OnePlus today unveiled the new OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. The company announced that the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition would retail at INR 50,999 and would be OnePlus’ fastest handset yet with an incredible combination of 10 GB RAM, 256 GB storage and OnePlus’ new charging technology, WARP Charge 30.

OnePlus 6T Mclaren Edition

The OnePlus 6T McLaren edition is a harmonious combination of speed, technology, and beauty. The back cover of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition will feature a U-shaped papaya orange design, a signature McLaren color inspired by the speed of light. The same 3700mAh battery that powers the OnePlus 6T is topped with a new addition: Warp Charge 30. With Warp Charge 30, the OnePlus 6T McLaren edition will not slow down in charging while being used simultaneously, and can provide users with a full day’s charge in just 20 minutes. In addition, the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition boasts a full 10 GB of RAM, making OnePlus the first company to release a global flagship smartphone with an abundance of RAM to meet the demands of graphic-intensive games, photo editing, and other demanding apps that often push other devices to their limits.

The OnePlus 6T McLaren will exclusively be sold in a special sale on 13 December, 2018 at the OnePlus Experience Store in Connaught Place, New Delhi which will open tomorrow. This is the third OnePlus Experience Store in India. Spanning across 3600 square feet, it is located at the heart of the city. Like the OnePlus Experience Store in Bangalore and Chennai, the new offline store is expected to be a hub for community members to engage with the brand and experience everything OnePlus – from device to accessories.

Open sale of the new device begins on 15 December, 2018. The device will be available for purchase online on and For offline purchase, buyers can head to OnePlus exclusive offline stores in key cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

On occasion of the 5th anniversary celebrations, customers will be able to avail several offers between 15 to 24 December on the newly announced OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition as well as other OnePlus 6T variants. Some of them include:

  • INR 2000 cashback on all EMI transactions on Axis Bank cards or INR 1500 cashback on all transactions made using Axis Bank credit or debit cards across all offline and online platforms.
  • Upto 6 months no-cost EMI on, and all OnePlus exclusive offline stores.
  • Additional INR 3000 off on exchange of any old OnePlus handset and INR 2000 off on exchange of other devices on, and all OnePlus exclusive offline stores.

The 5th Anniversary Celebration in Mumbai was held today where the community experienced the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition for the first time. As the company completes five years, the event was an opportunity for the brand to connect with its Indian community while unveiling their latest device in India. 

2018 LANDROVER range rover evoque

Features to look for in an off-roading car

Driving a car on a highway cannot be a thrilling experience as there are not enough challenges. But when it comes to driving on ghat roads having steep turns or maybe a total off-roading experience on a hill/jungle with no proper roads is something to look out for. But off-roading requires a car which has got what it takes to survive on a tough terrain. So here are some features to look for in an off-roading car. Keep in mind that off-roading vehicles can do good even on long routes.

Features to look for in an off-roading car

Features to look for in an off-roading car:

  1. Ground Clearance:
    Driving a normal sedan loaded with 4-5 pax with luggage and coming across a huge speed breaker will make you realize the importance of ground clearance. High-speed cars generally have low ground clearance to achieve stability at higher speeds. But here we are talking about off-roading which is way worse if you consider a badly built speed breaker. So you must have a high ground clearance or the chances of you surviving on off-road is really low without getting things damaged. Some SUVs like 2018 LandRover Range Rover Evoque or Jeep Grand Cherokee have adjustable suspensions to give you a better ground clearance while off-roading. This maintains lower ground clearance while driving on a normal terrain which is just perfect.
  2. Low Range Transfer Case:
    The low range transfer case is one of the features that will help the car to climb steep hills easily. What it really means is, when the car is going uphill, the wheel axle is rotating at low speed and requires a high amount of torque to get the car up against gravity. In this case, high torque requirement can be served better by low range gears and not normals ones. Having such a feature in your vehicle will help in climbing hills easily. Also while going downhill low range gearing helps to ease down the vehicle avoiding much of braking.
  3. Good overall torque:
    Torque is basically rotation force produced by Engine’s crankshaft. So better the torque, greater the power you get at low speeds. Like discussed in the last point that torque can come handy while going uphill. And not just that, any rough terrain would require a good amount of torque to get the vehicle running. Torque can help the vehicle get out of mudpie considering the tires have just enough grip. But do not confuse horsepower and torque as the same thing. You can read out the article to get a better understanding of both the terms.
  4. Hill Descent Control:
    There are cars which can sense the type of terrain and decide the amount of power a car needs. Like, suppose while going downhills one has to maintain the speed and also steer through the turnings. With steep slope and sharp curves comes the issue and that is where hill descent control comes in handy. It will automatically decide how much power should be given to wheels and restricts the wheel rotation to maintain speed. This allows you to just focus on steering while not worrying about the speed. Again a useful feature in some while off-roading.

These are some of the core features to look for in an off-roading car. They will club and make the off-roading experience much better. Don’t worry, these features are just to assist you and won’t steal away the adventure from off-roaders. Let us know if we missed out any features related to off-roading in the comments section below.


Acer Predator Thronos gaming chair launched

Acer India, the No.1 PC gaming brand In India, today unveiled for the first time in India, Predator Thronos, the ultimate gaming cave. It is hands down one of the most unique products to hit the gaming market in a very long time. The all-new Predator Thronos reimagines the gaming cave for the new breed of gamers. It has a steel structure that’s 1.5 meters tall, the chair is adjustable and includes an ergonomic seat design, footrest, and a cabin that reclines up to 140 degrees.

The Predator Thronos is much more than just a chair. The motorized throne packs leg rests, mount for three computer monitors, and blue mood lighting galore. It puts the gamer in the game through deep impact vibration, where the chair vibrates upon in-game impact. The overhead brace supports three 27-inch gaming monitors and a space for a Predator gaming PC. Integrated with a Predator PC and triple Predator monitors plus gadgets, the Thronos becomes much more than a gaming chair—it’s a Gamer’s cave.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head, Acer India says “We are extremely thrilled to launch our Predator Thronos, the first ever gaming chair, in India. This innovation is one of a kind from Acer and till date, we haven’t seen any other similar products in the market. Integrated with a Predator PC and triple Predator monitors plus gadgets, the Thronos becomes more than a gaming chair—it’s a gamer’s cave. And we are sure of receiving a positive response towards it from the gamers community.”

The cockpit has numerous parts that are motorized and can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. The seat also has built-in “rumble” motors that are synced up with in-game effects, making them even more immersive. The Chair comes in menacing dual-tone black with white or blue accents. Also, it is available for pre-orders and pricing on requests based on the configurations. For Order Query mail at

Artists performing at Motion Capure Launch event

Famous Studio collaborates with Centroid for Motion capture lab in India

Famous studio being the first to bring an industrial standard end-to-end motion capture lab in India in collaboration with Centroid(UK based company). The lab is full equiped with items require to do the motion capture in real-time. The Famous Studio lab is based in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. The lab was launched on November 16, 2018 and the walk through was given by Mr. Phil Stilgoe, CEO & Producer, Centroid – UK.

What is motion capture?

Its a technique used by film/gaming/animation industry to record movements by placing markers on human body in 3D space using various IR cameras. The recorded data is then sent for post processing, where the errors are removed and the whole scene is then made using computer applications. When the cameras are used for motion capture, it comes under optical motion capture. There is another type of motion capturing done using Inertial suits having sensors inbuilt but are less accurate and do not require the use of cameras. Optical motion capture requires a lot of cameras depending on the shooting area.

The demo presented by Centroid consisted of two people wearing suits having reflectors. The position of these reflectors were captured by the cameras placed all around the shooting arena. The reflectors were placed in such a way that cameras are able to capture motion of every body part and joints. One can map the terrain using LIDAR systems so that motion capture seems more realistic when you see it in real-time. The reflectors/markers required to capture the movement of a horse or any other animal might be more depending on the motion it makes while moving. More the markers/reflectors in the line of sight of cameras, the better is the motion capture. The final recorded mo-cap is the end result of averaging out data from all the cameras placed in the arena to get much better accuracy. The demo had a crate placed in arena which was already mapped into the scene so the interaction with the objects was realistic while viewing it in real-time.

Some international movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Mad Max, Godzilla, Assassin’s Creed are certain examples were motion capture was used to develop it. Now the gates are open for Indian Industry to do motion capturing using these amazing techniques. With this collaborations comes services like Motion and Performance capture, Previs and virtual production, crowd sim solutions, character pipelines for game and VR developers, and much more!

At the launch, Mr. Phil Stilgoe, CEO & Producer, Centroid, said, “India is one of the talent lakes in the entertainment sector. Not only is the creativity top-notch, the development of the sector is in the hands of innovative professionals who are increasingly hungry to create greatness. Monetarily, there is massive growth potential. Integration of technology will only enhance what we already have here, creating visual gold for the viewer.”


“Partnering with Famous Studios is a no-brainer for us. Not only do they have a strong position & reputation built over seven decades, they have time and again showed their readiness to adopt new technology”, he added.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anant Roongta, Managing Director, Famous Studios, said, “At Famous Studios, it has always been our endeavour to deliver the best. Be that technology, processing, ideation, or any kind of support. With Centroid, we lay the foundation for India to drive a new dimension of art, thus fostering the development & growth of the creative sector.”

Some of the challenges faced by the motion capture technique are scenarios where the size of different characters varies by huge amount like in the movie Godzilla. The character of Godzilla has to make movements based on the scaling size factor of other characters. Also in the movie Wolfman and Planet of the Apes, additional props had to be used as arm extensions to mimic the original character movement. Except for wild animals, other animals can be used for motion capture with reflectors stick to their body. One of the interesting case was the one where even snake movement was captured using this technique. All the scenes which are not possible in real-life can be done using motion capture technique and then post processed to get the desired output. Places where even a small detail like finger movement has to be captured incurs more charges. One of the best use case is where VR is used when the director wants to place himself into middle of the scene to find the perfect angle to shoot. Using VR, even the actors can see their movements in real-time to make it more accurate based on their character.

Built over 1500 sq. ft, the Motion Capture Lab at Famous Studios will support artists through the entire journey, from shooting, to post-production. With this new technology, Famous Studios invites a new generation of innovative visual creators to break into new spaces.


dreamhack mumbai 2018 featured

DreamHack arrives in Mumbai this December 2018

The World’s largest digital gaming festival – DreamHack arrives in India with its first edition slated to take place in Mumbai from 21-23 December 2019 at NESCO, Mumbai.

This first Asian edition of DreamHack has Rs 1 Crore in prizes and is organized by NODWIN Gaming, a pioneer in e-sports and a subsidiary of Nazara Technologies Ltd. (Nazara) and Viacom18, India’s fastest growing media and entertainment network, and supported by Monster and Hyper X.

DreamHack editions have been staged in cities worldwide including Atlanta, Valencia, Marseilles, and Stockholm. The digital festival brings gamers and digital natives together for a for a three-day weekend of competitions – featuring the world famous 24-hour-a-day Local Area Network (LAN) party, e-sports gaming tournaments and Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC).

Tech enthusiasts will also have a chance to get their hands on the latest innovations in technology and gadgets at the DreamExpo which is one of the biggest gaming exhibitions in the country, where innovative companies such as Hyper X, showcase the latest hardware, gaming gear, games, and other gadgets. To be held across 5 stages – DreamHack Invitational Stage, KO Fight Night Stage, PUBG Stage, Mobile Cricket Championship and Performance Stage the festival includes massive prize pools and merchandise giveaways.

The inaugural edition of DreamHack in India will feature leading games such as Dota, CSGO, KO Fight Nights and Mobile Cricket. Participants, anticipated at over 15,000, will also get a chance to meet international teams and gamers, enjoy competitions in the streamer zones and participate in a challenging Cosplay competition.

In a quest to ensure the festival showcases something for everyone, the event will also host a ‘ Retro Zone ’ featuring arcade machines with classic games such as Pinball, Tetris, Mario brothers and many more from the yesteryears. Traditional card and board games will also put Foosball, Monopoly and Dungeons & Dragons in the limelight at the festival.

The 72-hour gaming marathon will also feature top electronic music acts including Shaan, Sartek and Zenith amongst others.

” At NODWIN Gaming we are incredibly excited to bring DreamHack to India. As the leading gaming event worldwide, DreamHack has broken many firsts, right from the first biggest LAN event to the first biggest BYOC party, and we are delighted to break another first bringing this festival to India ”, says Akshat Rathee, Founder and CEO, NODWIN Gaming .


“NODWIN Gaming and Viacom18 partnering together to bring the worlds biggest digital festival to the country is indeed a milestone for our gaming industry”, s ays Gautam Virk, Chief Content Officer, NODWIN Gaming. “ To have an event of this magnitude, we at NODWIN Gaming feel pleased to give back to our community of gamers and pop culture fans in a grand fashion.”

Tickets for the festival are available on Bookmyshow. Tickets begin from Rs. 499 onwards.

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Everything You Need To Know About Gaming Chairs

If you have never tried a gaming chair before then you might be shocked at how comfortable they are. These chairs are used by many gamers every day and they can be sat in for many hours without a complaint about comfort. In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about gaming chairs. Make sure to keep reading if you are thinking about getting one.

Best comfortable Gaming chair

Comfortable Gaming chair

What Are They?

Gaming chairs are special chairs that are made for people who spend a long time playing games. They often look like an enhanced version of a computer chair, with extra support and maybe even some cup holders or special effects. There are many different types of gaming chairs, with each having their own benefits. Gamers like to use these as they can make a huge difference to the gaming experience and if you are a gamer then you should try one out soon.

They Are Very Comfortable

One of the most important things that you should know about gaming chairs is that they are actually very comfortable. These chairs are made to be sat in for hours on end and they come with special padding to protect you from any sort of pain. If you are looking for a gaming chair, you should make sure to choose one that has a lot of padding as this will make it more comfortable for longer.

Gaming chair

Adjustable gaming chair

They Are Adjustable

Have you ever been playing a game and not been satisfied with the position of your chair? Well, with a gaming chair like the ones that this source recommends, you can actually adjust the seat and make it work for you. Not every gaming chair does this, so it is important that you know about this feature and that you choose one that comes with it. Having an adjustable chair can really help you to become better at the game so make sure to try one out.

Pro Gamers Use Them

If you like to watch some pro gamers play their favourite games online, you will probably find that they are using a gaming chair. These types of chairs are so popular because of the many benefits and you will rarely find a pro gamer who is sitting in a regular chair. They need to have the adjustable seats and they need to be able to sit in them comfortably for a long time. If you want to be like a pro gamer, then you should think about getting a gaming chair.

There Is A Wide Selection

Gaming chairs come in many different shapes, sizes and colours so there really is one for everyone. You’ll find that if you take a look online, you’ll be able to find one that will fit in well with your gaming room. Some are just plain black while others have bold colours.

Now that you know everything that you need to know about gaming chairs, you can go ahead and buy yourself one.

32 inches - Smart series

Blaupunkt launches smart televisions in India

With the launch of Blaupunkt Televisions in India on 11th September 2018, the LED television segment is going to see quite a disruption in the India marketplace.

Blaupunkt is a German brand established in 1923 and enjoys the coveted title of “Brand of the Century.” The company over multiple decades has stood for dependable technology in entertainment, communication, mobility, logistics, housekeeping, air conditioning, safety and hobbies and has enjoyed significant patronage with audiences worldwide.

With the launch of 3 key variants – 4K UHD SMART SERIES with in-built SOUND BAR, SMART SOUND SERIES with SOUND BAR and HIGH DEFINITION SERIES, Blaupunkt is surely going to delight the entertainment taste buds of the Indian audience.

The segregation of the models are as under;

4K UHD Smart Series

55 ″ 4K UHD LED TV

49 ″ 4K UHD LED TV

43 ″ 4K UHD LED TV

FHD Smart Series

50 ″ FHD Smart TV

43 ″ FHD Smart TV

32 ″ HD Ready Smart TV

High Definition Series


32 ″ HD Ready LED TV

Lets look at some of the key features, which makes the 4K UHD a PREMIUM television that stands apart in the LED segment and why you should give a serious thought in bring a Blaupunkt television home.

1)      Picture perfect Display: With 4K UHD 3840*2160 pixels, this series has the finest picture quality which makes it one of the best that is there in the current market. With such reproduction of the resolution it adds to more shades of colors with a fine gradation, enhancing the overall display on your screen.

2)      In-Built Sound Bar: With Blaupunkt televisions you can enjoy brilliant audio output with 60 Watt In-built Sound Bar, which lets you experience every sound to its fullest. So irrespective of whether, you are watching a horror film or getting submerged into the musical tones of a rock concert, this audio quality is bound to impress you. The German leaders in audio products are bringing their expertise of sound into the television. Blaupunkt televisions are a perfect marriage of visual and audio quality. Don’t just watch television, now “Experience It.”

3)      Quad Core Enabled: Feel the power of 4K UHD Smart TV with ARM Cortex- A53 QUAD Core 1.5 GHz processor with a storage of 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. This helps in the faster processing of any tasks instructed to the television.

4)      Hybrid Launcher: This is a new feature introduced by Blaupunkt for the Indian audience. This has first Android Open Source enabled + integrated user interface with TV and Internet on one screen. Simply put, with the help of the Universal Search Feature, users can seamlessly move between their favorite TV shows/ channels and the Internet apps on the same screen/platform. It supports all apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar and many more.

One of the first, personalized user experience platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn user preference to recommend the best content from Broadcast TV and Internet TV apps seamlessly and simultaneously onto the single view LED screen.

5)      Smart Remote Function: With Smart Air Mouse, which is Voice Enabled, helps the users to simply speak to the remote by pressing a button and giving instructions to the television. No hassle of finding too many buttons on the remote.

With Voice Enabled Command you can do a lot –

Example :  1) Switch to Star Plus HD. Switch to Zee News. Switch to NDTV.

2) “Switch to <topic>”.

Eg: Switch to Cricket. Switch to an English movie on a HD channel.

3) “Show me <topic>”.

Eg: Show me Star Plus. Show me English Movies. Show me AmitabhBachchan movies.

Your tv will show search results from the Set-top box when you are connected to internet

6)      Brush Metal finish Design: The slim Brush Metal finish Bezel with space grey colour makes the television look aesthetically beautiful and goes very well with the décor of the house as “class” is what it represents.

7)      Miracasting: This feature helps you to seamlessly integrate and share the images, videos or any other content from your mobile phone to the big screen.

8)      Blaupunkt TV Care App: Trust the Germans to take customer servicing seriously !!! With the Blaupunkt TV App, users can now download the app on any Android phone and raise service requests, check service history, get feedback, check user’s product details, get tutorial help, warranty details and many more.

9)      Multiple ports: This feature will enable the users to connect various devices, hassle free.

Lets look at some of the key features, of Blaupunkt SMART SOUND SERIES television, which will help you decide why this TV should be in your home.

1)      Audio at its Best: Standing true to its legacy of audio authority, Blaupunkt televisions create the audio impact with its SOUNDBAR. Feel every beat of the music with a combined output of 30+60 Watt Soundbar.  The television comes with 30 W Surround sound and has a separate 60 W Sound bar. The sound bar comes with an AUX/ RCA Cable, which can be connected with the televisions. The best part is that this Sound Bar can also be used separately with other devices using wireless Bluetooth connection. So when we talk about theatre like experience, this television hits all the right buttons.

2)      Hybrid launcher: Enjoy the power of AI driven smart user interface to get the best content from TV channels and Internet on the same platform via Universal Search Feature. Now users can seamlessly move between their favorite TV shows/ channels and the Internet apps on the same screen/platform. It supports all apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar and many more. One of the first, personalized user experience platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn user preference to recommend the best content from Broadcast TV and Internet TV apps seamlessly and simultaneously onto the single view LED screen.

3)      Slim Metallic Bezel: Aesthetically one of the sleekest looking metallic bezel seen on any television. This makes Blaupunkt televisions look gorgeous while it is mounted on the wall or resting on a TV stand offering a virtually edgeless picture for an engrossing experience.

4)      Quad Core Enabled: Sheer intelligence drives pure performance. The 1.5GHz processor transforms Blaupunkt LED televisions into a turbo machine allowing it to be efficient, multi-tasking and offers more power to the viewer with controls like never before.

5)      Breath taking Cinematic Colours: With A+ Grade Panel, which is of the finest quality, Blaupunkt televisions gives an immersive viewing experience with 178 degree viewing angle. Now you can watch clear picture from any corner of the room.

6)      Smart Remote Function: With Smart Air Mouse, which is Voice Enabled, helps the users to simply speak to the remote by pressing a button and giving instructions to the television. No hassle of finding too many buttons on the remote.

7)      Miracasting: This feature helps you to seamlessly integrate and share the images, videos or any other content from your mobile phone to the big screen.

8)      Blaupunkt TV Care App: Customer servicing is a serious business and keeping in line with the post sales servicing of the brand the Blaupunkt TV App has been introduced where users can now download the app on any Android phone and raise service requests, check service history, get feedback, check user’s product details, get tutorial help, warranty details and many more.

10)   Multiple ports: This feature will enable the users to connect various devices, hassle free.

People are chasing ultra slim led TV’s these days which look aesthetically good but these slim TVs, when it comes to performance lacks the perfect display and sound.  For ambient picture, LED Televisions need to have sufficient space for uniform backlit reflection. The same principle applies to sound as well. For complete entertainment experience, picture needs to be matched with sound, which can only be possible with powerful sound bar that needs space.

The “Blue Dot” of Blaupunkt definitely hits all the right spots when it comes to great visuals coupled with an amazing sound quality. We hope that the highlights on these features will help you decide why Blaupunkt is one of the best when it comes to LED televisions in India.

Machine Learning brain

Machine Learning and Deep Learning- A perfect paradigm

The latest advancements in AI are so amazing that understanding them brings a virtual world in fronts of us like as we enter in the room and the environment of the room sets according to our mood; the lighting, the music, the temperature everything gets changed. A lot more imagination and questions come into our mind like what else can happen next, how will be the future and many more. But do you know AI revolves around the two terms i.e ML and DL? We are girdled by the advanced applications of AI subsets like Netflix, Facebook, Customer service etc. Many of us get confused and uses both the terms as interchangeable that is why it becomes more important to understand both of them.

Definition of Machine learning

A machine which can use the data, learn from it through algorithms and then implement them while making decisions. In short, to make them self-conscious.

For instance, if we see an example of on-demand music. When we listen to a new song or new artist during that time the station recommends the similar songs. How? It is just because of machine learning algorithms, the algorithm associates the song preferences with the preferences of other listeners.

Machine learning is based on complex coding related to mathematics, programming to drive a mechanical function such as a car, television etc. In simple words, whenever a machine starts understanding your language, like if you say “it’s dark” and the light gets turned “on”, it means the word “dark” recognised by the machine.

Definition of Deep learning

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning but they differ by their capabilities. Technically, ML may get wrong but the deep learning algorithm goes wrong, is slightly unbelievable.  Sometimes, the coding sends to machine learning become slightly typical and that time it needs guidance. But with deep learning, we do not require any guidance, it uses its own brain and work accordingly.

For instance, the light recognises only the word “dark” and it will not work if any other word is spoken. Like if we say “ Unable to see” or “light is not working” the ML program will not be able to catch the cue but on the other hand the DL algorithm will learn, compute and then figure out that light needs to be opened. DL uses its brain as we people do.

As ML and DL are becoming more refined, we will see more advanced applications then chatbot, driverless cars etc. The domain is vast and innovative and the biggest giants of the market are looking for Hadoop professionals so if you want to be the part there are multiple courses available over the internet such as Hadoop training, which can help you in enhancing knowledge and skills. In addition, you get the extra credentials to get more offers. Also, you will gain a strong technical background which in turn makes you more confident and peer in the market.

Recent inventions

Nowadays, machine learning is even combined with ArcGIS for better results in less time. Earlier, to obtain a correct resolution image from the satellite was a tough task, it took almost months to achieve the level and now can be done in a day. But, these solutions need multiple library and advanced platforms and it’s not necessary that they support ML and DL. So Esri Cloud is invented which provides a platform to avail a solution-centric approach. Here, AI is used considerably for language processing and computer vision. Also, it provides infrastructure support to the Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


8 Steps To Setting Up A Successful Subscription Box Business

Becoming a part of this trending wave in the shopping community has become easier, but making it run successfully long-termly is not!! However, with the right approach, you can make it to culminating success.

To help you with it, in this article we provide you with a few simple steps that will help you setup a successful Subscription box business like Subbly, a successful subscription platform for entrepreneurs.

So, let’s have a look at these steps.

Step 1 – Figure out a product for your subscription business website

This is probably the most basic and important decision you will make for your subscription box business. The selection of a product to start your subscription box business with depends on one of two factors.

No.1 – Your passion toward it.

No.2 – If it is a trending one.

Choose the factor that you find the most favorable for your business to go a long way. A random pick of a product for the subscription box business won’t last long and will eventually land you in a dicey situation.

Above all, it is important to match your subscription website templates with your product’s niche. 

Step 2 – Decide on how you are going to source your products

Getting hold of your chosen products from the suppliers again depends on two factors that will have a huge impact on your business model:

No.1 – Free Products

No.2 – Paid Products

It might be quite astonishing to know that most of the subscription box businesses don’t actually pay for their products; they just act as a medium between the volume of the subscribers and the supplier choices to promote their latest products, eventually landing the savings at the business’ end.

The latter sourcing of products proves to be difficult and risky, as the sourcing of the products will strain your margins with additional costs and expenses.

Step 3 – Time to set up the price

Key component! Decider of your business!

Setting up the prices for your product is not as easy as pie; it needs some great financial tactics. Two things to avoid while setting up the prices are:

No.1 – Setting prices too low (gets your product tagged as cheap)

No.2 – Setting prices too high (drives away the customers)

First, understand and realize the actual price of the product in the market, and the cost at which your competitor is selling the same product. 

Now decide on the price that is slightly lower than your competitor; this is recommended to grab the audience at your end at first.

Step 4 – Identify the target audience

Since your product will specifically belong to a niche that interests the particular group of customers, it is important to put your ideal customers as the highest priority.

Two things you need to have on your mind while targeting the audience are:

No.1 – Don’t try to cater to everyone.

No.2 – Cherry pick your customers like you did for your product. 

Step 5 – Analyze the favorable membership options

Even before you get your very first customers, you need to have a clear picture of what will they seek from you? How often do they want their subscription box?

So again, two things you can think of while analyzing this:

No.1 – Consider offering free trials to spread the word. 

No.2 – Consider offering a flexible subscription and hassle-free cancellation option.

Never, ever consider the contracts with your customers’ membership; it scares away the customers.

Step 6 – Find ways to conduct shipping and handling

Shipping and handling of the subscription boxes to your customers might seem difficult if you are just starting out with very tight margins.

The two things you can consider for shipping are to:

No.1 – Pack and ship them out yourself

No.2 – Collaborate with a cost-effective third-party to do this for you.

Step 7 – Showcase your presence – Marketing

Your business isn’t really sailing if you don’t acquire the customers for your subscription box business at the very earliest of opportunities.

Think of different strategies to grow the business. Two things to consider as it relates to marketing are to:

No.1 – Implement Facebook and Google ads strategies and other social media marketing strategies.

No.2 – Find the premium featuring sites that can make your subscription box business go viral. 

Step 8 – Defend the wicket!!

Things are not going to be easy for you and your business. So, you need to be ready for the challenges even at the nick of time. 

Success won’t knock on the door in a day or two; patience and a combination of hard and smart work is required for the culminating success of your subscription box.

Jisoncase Macbook Pouch Sleeve case

Jisoncase Macbook pouch sleeve review

Buying a device means one also needs to buy the required accessories which might be useful as some feature, or else to protect the device. We all buy casing for our devices to protect it from damages but also to revamp the looks of the gadget. If we talk about case/cover, then leather finish is something I would prefer as it gives a rich feel, formal look, and better grip. Today we have with us Jisoncase Macbook pouch sleeve for review. Jisoncase is a company which makes gadget case, watch bands, and other accessories/items. 

Jisoncase Macbook pouch sleeve review:

I recently received a Macbook pouch sleeve from Jisoncase for review. Though the size which I ordered was for the older Macbook, it might seem a little big for this model. It was put to test on a daily use and here is my opinion about the same. 


The Jisoncase Macbook pouch sleeve has a leather finish, but the one I received was made of Microfiber premium Leatherette. It is man-made leather and has a finish like natural leather. Due to the man-made thing, it has high tear and tensile strength along with anti-aging properties. Due to this, it can be cleaned easily without any issues. The design of the Jisoncase Macbook pouch sleeve looks premium due to the leather finish and the color I chose was brown. When you touch the pouch sleeve, you can feel leather like pattern and the stitches are clean & visible. The Macbook easily slides in and fits properly. The touchpad, ports, and the bottom vents are accessible & exposed. Due to the bottom holes the design of the case promotes cooling of the Macbook. Overall the design of the pouch sleeve is well thought of and almost all points are covered while making it. Though it hides the shiny logo of apple on the back, now the Macbook has much better grip with Jisoncase Macbook pouch sleeve.


The Jisoncase Macbook pouch sleeve is made of micro fiber PU leather which overcomes limitations of natural leather. This man-made leather has much better tensile strength and high tear strength too. It is meant for rough and tough usage. The stitches on the case are tight and neat with respect to the design. The endurance testing performed while folding the case showed some good results with the PU leather. Overall if we talk about durability then PU leather excels if we compare it to natural leather.


Well how can one talk about features if we are reviewing a normal pouch sleeve. But the Jisoncase Macbook pouch sleeve is not just a case. It has the normal feature of protecting the Macbook from scratches and to some extent direct hits to the body. It covers the gadget in a good manner safe guarding it from all sides. The additional grip decreases the risk of Macbook slipping out from one’s hand. But apart from the protection, the Jisoncase Macbook pouch sleeve can transform and lift the Macbook to certain degrees so that typing becomes easier. It acts like a stand so that our hands are placed in the best position for typing on the Macbook. This is the feature which I love the most and is very useful while working for a prolong duration on a desk. 

Cost & Availability

Jisoncase Macbook pouch sleeve is available on their website for $29.99 in different colors. One can also go for other quality and different products available on their website. Though the company is from China, I had an excellent experience in receiving the product within 10-12 days to India. Overall the Macbook pouch sleeve is something I would recommend you to go for if you are looking for one such case.