Casio India introduces new models to its EcoLite series of LampFree projectors

Further advancing the projector technology, Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. (CIC) introduced three new models to its EcoLite™ series of LampFree® projectors. The new additions, XJ-V2, XJ-V100W and XJ-V110W combine a high brightness, amplified colour spectrum, and eco-friendly design. The models come with Casio’s 5th generation Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source technology that reduces the power consumption up to 50% and feature a dust resistance design to ease the maintenance of projectors.

Casio EcoLiteT series of LampFree® projectors

Casio’s EcoLite™ series is known for its reliability and offers a multipurpose, cost-effective performance for business and schools. The Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source technology combines a laser, fluorescent element and LEDs to generate high brightness with minimal brightness degradation and continuous operation. It also provides a 30% increase in LED light output, thus offering a greater increase in colour spectrum when compared to a mercury lamp.

Casio EcoLiteT series of LampFree® projectors (i)

Mr. Kulbhushan Seth, Vice President, Casio India said, “Casio has pioneered the eco-friendly LampFree® technology in Indian market with its EcoLite™ series of projectors. The new models are ideal for a variety of applications especially for heavy users like schools, institutions and offices who wants to upgrade to this greener technology. The projectors come with long life, high durability, low energy consumption helping to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while ensuring no lamp replacement while having a life of approx. 20,000 hrs.”

“The LampFree™ technology also ensures less maintenance and eliminates the need to replace expensive and hazardous mercury lamps, which makes them cost-effective and safer for the environment,” he added.


The XJ-V2 features 1.1x optical zoom, produces 3000 lumens of brightness, XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, XJ-V100W comes with 1.5x optical zoom, produces 3000 lumens of brightness, WXGA (1200 x 800) resolution while the XJ-V110W features 1.5x optical zoom, produces 3500 lumens of brightness, and boasts WXGA (1200 x800) resolution suitable for displaying content from video and computer sources. Other benefits include unrestricted 360° installation that supports highly flexible image projection, including portrait projection from a vertical position, or perpendicular projection onto the floor or ceiling.

It comes with a standard 3-year warranty on Main Projector Unit along with a 5-year or 10,000-hour warranty on the Laser & LED Hybrid light source. With a vision of ‘Go Lamp Free’, Casio brings the EcoLite™ projectors at a disruptive price point to make Laser & LED Hybrid projectors a mainstream in the market.

XJ-V2                 –   INR 56,995
XJ-V100W      –   INR 74,995
XJ-V110W      –   INR 79,995


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