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FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto Wireless Earphones Full Review

FINGERS India’s new and innovative digital accessories brand is started with the launch of various digital accessories equipped with the latest technology and has started competing with other brands. FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto wireless neckband Bluetooth earphone is such a device launched in the market and it was competitively priced. The device is compatible with any operating system and any type of device. The specification of the device looks quite promising along with the appearance.

FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto wireless earphones full review:

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto neckband


FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto has fine finish with a lightweight and sturdy design, a bit of finely finished smooth metal casing for the batteries. It is equipped with a microphone in a separate case provided with 3 buttons of volume control and play/pause. The play/pause button is provided with additional features of connectivity of a new device and answering/ending call. It is powered by 10mm Neodymium drivers.

The magnetic interlocking of earbuds is provided to avoid the entanglement of wires but the magnet is not much powerful and usually, it is always misaligned. The earbuds are not provided with sensors so it does not automatically turn off when the earbuds are joined. It is designed in such a way by adding the additional feature of sweat resistance. In accordance with comfort premium angular earbuds to fit every ear adds to its stylish design. The flexibility of this band allows u to wrap easily and tuck into your bag or pocket or purse without any issue.

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto Design

Sound and Connectivity

The sound of FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto is average compared to other brands. The speakers are used with a powerful amplifier giving them a boost of loud music. It is provided with a Bluetooth version of 5.0 incorporated with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), making it the latest technology. Though it lags in connectivity with the devices having older Bluetooth versions. The microphone when used while calling catches more external noise than the focused voice making it a bit difficult for the user while calling. It has a decent range of connectivity of approx 10m making it quite the exception to carrying the device.

This device has been featured with the leading multi-point technology, making it ready for multiple connectivities hence it gets connected to two devices at the same time simultaneously. But due to this technology sometimes the user might experience a lack of comfort managing both the devices. It has a sensitivity of 93 dB +-3dB.

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto sound


The battery of this device is a strong point to be considered, as it is powered by 10mm Neodymium drivers. It is situated with an additional battery which provides a playback time of up to 20 hrs and a standby time of up to 300 hrs. It has a battery backup of 240 mAh which takes 3 hrs of charging time. The finely finished body of a metallic case protects the battery. It automatically turns off when not connected to any device making it a smart battery saver. The charger has a standard rating of 5V 1A charger.

Fingers 2B Music-Addicto earphones


FINGERS 2B hasn’t yet hit the e-commerce market but on its official website, the price is INR 2199. It is available in a color combination of black+grey. One needs to buy this device when it hits the e-commerce market.


One can definitely go for this device if the price is about 1500. For someone going for better quality, they can switch for standard brands. FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto. It will not disappoint you in terms of battery backup. I have used this device personally.


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PTron Soundrush 1

PTron Soundrush Bluetooth earphones review

In the month of Feb this year, PTron launched a Bluetooth sports earphone called as Soundrush. We got out hands on the earphone and used it for two months to test the capabilities. It has got a sporty look and I got the yellow color model. The Bluetooth earphones are of the low-budget range so keep the expectations accordingly. So let us check out different aspects of PTron Soundrush Bluetooth earphones.

PTron Soundrush bluetooth earphones

PTron Soundrush bluetooth earphones

PTron Soundrush bluetooth earphones review:

Design and build

The build quality of the earphones is good and it is built out of rubber and plastic with a metallic finish. The earphones have a glossy finish on them with matte rubber insulation on the wire. The design is made such that they go over the ears securing them tightly so they don’t come off while you run or jog. After a while, you will forget that you have the earphones on you. The build quality justifies the cost and one can buy them without worrying about this factor.


The earphones go into this Bluetooth button module. It has three buttons on it for play/pause, changing track/volume. The earphones can be used as normal earphones too if the battery runs out by simply plugging out of the aux port of the module. It has a built-in mic to receive calls over bluetooth without using the smartphone. The module has a micro-USB port using which you can charge the earphones. It takes about 2 hrs of time to charge the earphones and lasts for 5-6 hrs for music playback or on call. The review unit which I received was having the problem of low audio output in the left earplug. But this might not be the case for the new piece. The audio from the earphones is loud enough and the quality is ok to considering its price point.

Features & specifications:

    • In-ear sports ergonomic design
    • Advanced audio chipset
    • Stereo quality sound output
    • Bluetooth v4.1
    • Transmission Range: 10m (33ft)
    • Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
    • Impedance: 32 ohms
    • Mic sensitivity: 110+-3dB
    • Battery capacity: 120 mAh polymer
    • Talk time: Up to 7 hours
    • Charging time: Up to 2 hours
    • Charging port: Micro USB
  • Compatible with any smart phone or tablet

PTron Soundrush earphones are available for Rs. 699 on LatestOne website. It is available in three colors – red, yellow and black. Overall the earphones are good to be used while jogging, running or even normal use. If you have a low budget and still want to try bluetooth earphones then go for this without hesitation.