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Spotify for India launched | Get it for Free

Spotify (NYSE: SPOT), the world’s leading music streaming service, is available in India today with all-new features tuned to Indian music fans’ personal tastes. Spotify offers the best listening experience in local and international music, with the app available to download for free, or with an upgrade to Spotify Premium for only INR 119* per month. The Spotify app is now available on mobile, desktop and tablet and can be played on a wide range of speaker and home devices.

To enjoy music the way you want it, download the Spotify app today via the Android or iOS app store or by heading to Get SPOTIFY Free

“As Spotify grows, our goal is to bring millions of artists and billions of fans together from every country and background ,” says Daniel Ek, Spotify founder and CEO. “India has an incredibly rich music culture and  to best serve this market, we’re launching a custom-built experience. Not only will Spotify bring Indian artists to the world, we’ll also bring the world’s music to fans across India. Spotify’s music family just got a whole lot bigger.”

All of Spotify’s Favourite Features

Spotify comes to India with our unrivalled mix of features that have made us the world’s favourite music app, including:

  • The best music from all over the world: More than 40 million (4 crore) songs and 3 billion playlists (300 crore) offering your favourite music in Indian and international music, across moods and moments.
  • Unrivalled playlists tuned to your individual tastes: Your very own playlists based on your preferences, updated daily. The more you listen, the better Spotify’s recommendations get. On the home page, choose playlists based on your moods and moments.
  • Made for you: Stay up to date with all that’s hot with a personalised Home Page. Your personal DJ featuring the latest releases and all your favourite music, updated daily.
  • Play everywhere: Play Spotify in your car, on TVs, voice and wifi speakers, plus explore integrations with Google Maps, Tinder and Instagram, amongst others. Spotify is available on over 500 products across 200 hardware brands globally.

Tuned to India

Spotify has redesigned the music experience for India with a fresh set of exclusive features:

  • Multi-language music recommendations: With many Indians speaking several local languages, Spotify’s music recommendation engine can now be tuned to Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. Indian users can select their preferred language(s) to receive tailored Daily Mix, Home, Radio, Search results and recommendations.
  • Spotify Free with total control: For the first time ever on Spotify Free, smartphone users can play every song on demand.
  • Playlists made for India: Expertly curated and regularly updated by our team of Indian music experts, new playlists include IndiestanRap91Namaste LovePunjabi 101Bollywood ButterTop Hits in HindiTamilTelugu and PunjabiThese sit alongside our celebrated international playlists including MintRap CaviarViva Latino and the This is… artist compilations. Add billions of creator and fan-built playlists to the mix and Spotify has a playlist for any mood or moment.
  • Spotify goes to the movies: Introducing Starring…, a series of playlists featuring the best music from the most popular Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and Punjabi actors. Spotify’s recommendations will also include songs from India’s favourite movies and actors.
  • City playlists: Find out what’s hot in the city, with new algorithmic playlists tracking what’s trending in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

Amarjit Singh Batra, Managing Director, Spotify India, adds: “Indians love music. It’s an inherent part of our lifestyle and culture, whether we pray, work, or relax. The mobile internet revolution has led to a rapid rise in the number of connected Indians, making music streaming the preferred way to enjoy music here.”

He continues: “Spotify pioneered music streaming a decade ago, and has constantly reinvented itself to bring the best music experience to the world, and now to India. Through our unmatched personalised experience, we want users to find the best music from India and the world, and empower Indian artists to find new audiences in India and worldwide.”

In addition, One Plus, Anheuser-Busch InBev and GoUSA will be Spotify’s exclusive advertising launch partners in India.


Acer Predator Thronos gaming chair launched

Acer India, the No.1 PC gaming brand In India, today unveiled for the first time in India, Predator Thronos, the ultimate gaming cave. It is hands down one of the most unique products to hit the gaming market in a very long time. The all-new Predator Thronos reimagines the gaming cave for the new breed of gamers. It has a steel structure that’s 1.5 meters tall, the chair is adjustable and includes an ergonomic seat design, footrest, and a cabin that reclines up to 140 degrees.

The Predator Thronos is much more than just a chair. The motorized throne packs leg rests, mount for three computer monitors, and blue mood lighting galore. It puts the gamer in the game through deep impact vibration, where the chair vibrates upon in-game impact. The overhead brace supports three 27-inch gaming monitors and a space for a Predator gaming PC. Integrated with a Predator PC and triple Predator monitors plus gadgets, the Thronos becomes much more than a gaming chair—it’s a Gamer’s cave.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head, Acer India says “We are extremely thrilled to launch our Predator Thronos, the first ever gaming chair, in India. This innovation is one of a kind from Acer and till date, we haven’t seen any other similar products in the market. Integrated with a Predator PC and triple Predator monitors plus gadgets, the Thronos becomes more than a gaming chair—it’s a gamer’s cave. And we are sure of receiving a positive response towards it from the gamers community.”

The cockpit has numerous parts that are motorized and can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. The seat also has built-in “rumble” motors that are synced up with in-game effects, making them even more immersive. The Chair comes in menacing dual-tone black with white or blue accents. Also, it is available for pre-orders and pricing on requests based on the configurations. For Order Query mail at

Artists performing at Motion Capure Launch event

Famous Studio collaborates with Centroid for Motion capture lab in India

Famous studio being the first to bring an industrial standard end-to-end motion capture lab in India in collaboration with Centroid(UK based company). The lab is full equiped with items require to do the motion capture in real-time. The Famous Studio lab is based in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. The lab was launched on November 16, 2018 and the walk through was given by Mr. Phil Stilgoe, CEO & Producer, Centroid – UK.

What is motion capture?

Its a technique used by film/gaming/animation industry to record movements by placing markers on human body in 3D space using various IR cameras. The recorded data is then sent for post processing, where the errors are removed and the whole scene is then made using computer applications. When the cameras are used for motion capture, it comes under optical motion capture. There is another type of motion capturing done using Inertial suits having sensors inbuilt but are less accurate and do not require the use of cameras. Optical motion capture requires a lot of cameras depending on the shooting area.

The demo presented by Centroid consisted of two people wearing suits having reflectors. The position of these reflectors were captured by the cameras placed all around the shooting arena. The reflectors were placed in such a way that cameras are able to capture motion of every body part and joints. One can map the terrain using LIDAR systems so that motion capture seems more realistic when you see it in real-time. The reflectors/markers required to capture the movement of a horse or any other animal might be more depending on the motion it makes while moving. More the markers/reflectors in the line of sight of cameras, the better is the motion capture. The final recorded mo-cap is the end result of averaging out data from all the cameras placed in the arena to get much better accuracy. The demo had a crate placed in arena which was already mapped into the scene so the interaction with the objects was realistic while viewing it in real-time.

Some international movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Mad Max, Godzilla, Assassin’s Creed are certain examples were motion capture was used to develop it. Now the gates are open for Indian Industry to do motion capturing using these amazing techniques. With this collaborations comes services like Motion and Performance capture, Previs and virtual production, crowd sim solutions, character pipelines for game and VR developers, and much more!

At the launch, Mr. Phil Stilgoe, CEO & Producer, Centroid, said, “India is one of the talent lakes in the entertainment sector. Not only is the creativity top-notch, the development of the sector is in the hands of innovative professionals who are increasingly hungry to create greatness. Monetarily, there is massive growth potential. Integration of technology will only enhance what we already have here, creating visual gold for the viewer.”


“Partnering with Famous Studios is a no-brainer for us. Not only do they have a strong position & reputation built over seven decades, they have time and again showed their readiness to adopt new technology”, he added.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anant Roongta, Managing Director, Famous Studios, said, “At Famous Studios, it has always been our endeavour to deliver the best. Be that technology, processing, ideation, or any kind of support. With Centroid, we lay the foundation for India to drive a new dimension of art, thus fostering the development & growth of the creative sector.”

Some of the challenges faced by the motion capture technique are scenarios where the size of different characters varies by huge amount like in the movie Godzilla. The character of Godzilla has to make movements based on the scaling size factor of other characters. Also in the movie Wolfman and Planet of the Apes, additional props had to be used as arm extensions to mimic the original character movement. Except for wild animals, other animals can be used for motion capture with reflectors stick to their body. One of the interesting case was the one where even snake movement was captured using this technique. All the scenes which are not possible in real-life can be done using motion capture technique and then post processed to get the desired output. Places where even a small detail like finger movement has to be captured incurs more charges. One of the best use case is where VR is used when the director wants to place himself into middle of the scene to find the perfect angle to shoot. Using VR, even the actors can see their movements in real-time to make it more accurate based on their character.

Built over 1500 sq. ft, the Motion Capture Lab at Famous Studios will support artists through the entire journey, from shooting, to post-production. With this new technology, Famous Studios invites a new generation of innovative visual creators to break into new spaces.



Top 5 reasons why India needs its Shark Tank

While the country witnesses the rise and fall of startups, there is nothing that could stop the aspiring entrepreneurs to give it a shot and seek their seed!



Here are top five reasons why India needs its Shark Tank!

  1. India’s Got Talent: No one doubts the fact that India can truly surpass the innovation happening at the Silicon Valley. But what is really stopping us from getting there? We can’t say that a show like Shark Tank will wave a magic wand and India will rise… but we have to start somewhere and a platform like this will truly give that perfect start! We’ve got ideas, passion, vision which we really want to take it to next level!
  2. A platform for household & rural ventures: Major innovation is happening in households & rural areas. It is time we give them a platform where dreams of people who would otherwise never think of something big can get a chance which would change their lives!
  3.  Ideas need wings: Ideas make it large when there are funds to test them in real life. In order to give inspiring ideas their wings, a platform like The Vault which is an upcoming on-the-spot funding platform would be ideal.
  4.  Investors/ Incubators, Co-working Platforms and Big ideas all under one roof: What more would an aspiring entrepreneur want that having all the factors to materialise her/his startup dream are available under one roof.  Desi Shark Tank is something which could make this happen.
  5.  Reality Check is important: While we leave behind Silicon Valley and emerge as the hub of innovative, creative start-ups, some ideas would be worth giving a reality check so that we don’t witness fall of startup ecosystem. Feedback is necessary!

So this question is to all the aspiring Entrepreneurs, does India needs its own version of Shark Tank? Are you ready for it?

TCL P1 FHD curved TV TCL 562

TCL launches D3200 P1 FHD UHD TVs & TCL 562 smartphone

TCL has now entered the Indian Market with its new UHD and FHD TVs with some great innovative features. TCL is the third largest manufacturer of TV across the globe and they also manufacture Panel, Backlit module etc. Previously they launched TCL 560 and now they have come up with another smartphone model i.e. TCL 562. In 2015, they produced 80 million handsets and are positioned on the 5th number for the largest mobile brand globally in terms of shipments. Now let us check out all the TV models, TCL 562 smartphone along with their features.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Praveen Valecha, Regional Director – TCL India, said, “Our entry into the smartphones and television category in India is a strategic move that reinforces our commitment to lead technology and innovation. The number of consumers adopting smarter, wireless technology in the country is on the rise and we anticipate a huge increase in smartphone users. TCL TV range starts at Rs.13990/- and Mobile range starts atRs.7499/- ”

Talking on its association, Mr. Arun Srinivasan, Category Leader – CE, Amazon India said, “We are excited to be the launch partner for TCL’s Television range that debuts in India today. We have been witnessing strong growth in customer demand in this category with customers shopping across the full product range. With festive shopping commencing soon, customers on will now have an easy and convenient access to the new feature-rich and attractively priced TVs from TCL, a globally renowned brand in electronics.”

The new TCL TV series includes D2900, P1(Ultra HD), & P1(HD) with different size options available.

Speaking at the Launch event Mr. Bobbie Zhang, General Manager of Strategic Markets Sales Center, commented “Our new UHD and FHD TV series represent our singular focus on innovation that matters most to consumers, by providing the very best picture quality for the home entertainment experience. We highly value the Indian market and expect to bring our premium products and services to the Indian consumers. In order to guarantee the best product quality, TCL will export complete TV sets to India even though it means higher cost compared with local assembly.”

TCL D2900 Series

The TCL D2900 series includes two models one with 40-inch and the other with 32-inch screen size. Both the models have ASIC processor that supports 1080p HDMI video format. For the connectivity, you have got 2 USB and 3 HDMI ports with good audio quality support. Some other features include running dynamic skin color to enhance the skin tone, blue color control, black level stretch to enhance the contrast, 3D adaptive De-interfacing to reduce De-Mosaic noise and 3-D chrome filter. I personally experienced the difference and yeah all the mentioned features does help in giving a superior display quality. For the audio, the speakers are integrated with Dolby surround sound feature and Dolby decoder. Keeping in mind the Indian TV broadcasting, they have a special feature of smart volume where the TV will adjust the volume to decrease the audio spikes in some channels. They also have added the best MEMC chip to increase the display quality for sports and action channels with fast moving objects. TCL is analyzing the small issues and smartly presenting a solution in their TV sets. The price for D2900 32″ is Rs.13,990 and D2900 40″ is Rs.20,990 on Amazon.

TCL P1 FHD curved TV

TCL P1 FHD and UHD series

TCL P1 series has 2 models the one with 48″ inch curved Full HD display and the other with 43″ inch flat Ultra HD display. P1 FHD TV has an overall thickness of 69.6mm and it has the latest generation of TCL’s LED backlight technology. The P1 series is a smart TV series with features like screen mirroring, built in Wifi, Wifi Direct support, its own app store with forked Android. You can surf content across one or multiple devices. They have their own TCL nScreen app which will make your smartphone as the remote control for the TV. You also don’t need to connect to your home router to use the screen mirroring, media sharing feature as you can use built in Wifi hotspot. The mirroring feature worked like a charm and was super responsive except for some heavy games. The resolution is decreased by default to solve the frame lag issue. You do need a separate game controller to play games on this TV. For the audio support, they have Dolby Digital AC3, and Dolby Prologic sound processor. The P1 Series also has the smart volume feature to decrease the sudden audio spikes in some channels. You can download various apps from the App store 3.3 to watch video-on-demand, social apps, gaming, and music. Along with that, you have the option of recording the shows to playback later. The recording can be done by attaching external hard drive to USB 3.0 port using the PVR record feature. Of course they have digital rights management so you cannot playback the recordings on any other device. The viewing angles are just great on both the models and the display quality is good too. Apart from the HDMI and USB ports, all the TV models have component input, DVD input support. The video formats supported by this TV are MPEG2, MPEG4(H.264) while the audio formats supported are MP3, WMA, and Dolby AC3. The price for P1 43″ Flat UHD TV is Rs. 31,990 and for the P1 48″ curved Full HD is Rs.37,990 only on Amazon. All the TV sets are priced at an amazing price point.

TCL 562 smartphone review

TCL 562

TCL 562 is the successor of the previous model T60 which is available for Rs.7,999 on Amazon. TCL562 comes with a 5.5 inch full HD IPS display. The body has a metallic diamond cut finish with hair-line brush design on the back and curved edges. The sides have this metal rim which gives the phone a premium look. The build is good while the display is average. TCL 562 is powered by Helio P10 MT6755M chipset octa-core(4×1.8GHz+4×1.0GHz) processor. It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory which can be expanded up to 64GB via micro SD card. The rear camera is of 13MP with dual LED flash while the front camera is of 5MP also with LED support. The battery capacity on this device is 2960mAh. It has dual SIM support with one Nano SIM(4G LTE) and other micro SIM(3G). It runs on latest Android 6.0 marshmallow stock version. The phone has fingerprint sensor on the physical home button which works pretty fast. The smartphone is priced at Rs. 10,999 and is exclusively available on Amazon.

TCL 562 front camera comparison with Mi4i

Announcing the launch of these devices in India, Mr. Nicolas Zibell, Vice President of TCL Corporation said, “At TCL we are conscious of the world getting faster and demanding more from life in every way. Users dependence on technology is growing and so we want to make their lives simpler and enriching. Therefore our products appeal to the elegant, beauty conscious and highly social user and are more suited to the youth who demands to remain connected round the clock. The TCL 562 is a smartphone suited to helps users to multi-task between work and entertainment.”


Barclays launches Rise Mumbai, the new home for fintech in India

Barclays today opened the doors of Rise Mumbai, the latest addition to its network of physical spaces designed to bring together the world’s best and brightest startups and experts to create the future of financial services. The new site in Mumbai marks the opening of Barclays’ sixth Rise site globally, following the London, Manchester, New York, Cape Town and Tel Aviv hubs.


Something about Rise

Rise, in partnership with Barclays, brings together the world’s best and brightest startups and experts to create the future of financial services. Where product innovations and industry developments were once born of corporations and institutions, many are now being created by entrepreneurial individuals around the world who are working with increased speed to disrupt the business models of the past. In order to work with these entrepreneurs in a mutually beneficial way, Barclays established Rise. By combining the agility and disruption of startups with the expertise and scale of Barclays, Rise achieves a unique synthesis of speed and security, youth and wisdom, ideas and knowledge. With a global network of talent, world-class innovation programmes and workspaces, Rise is an exclusive community where the brightest and best can develop, collaborate, and scale together.

Rise Mumbai will provide a physical site for innovative fintech companies, offering a co-working environment, world-class event spaces and meeting rooms. The Mumbai site, located in Peninsula Business Park at Lower Parel is in partnership with 91springboard. At the launch event, the finalists of Risehack will have the opportunity to present their project to a group of senior Barclays stakeholders, renowned industry experts and the global Rise community. The winners receive a cash prize of INR 2,00,000 per category along with being a part of the Global Rise network.

Risehack is a fintech Hackathon, focused on disrupting the finance domain using cutting–edge technologies. The Hackathon has spanned three phases; phase one was held online from 28 April to 17 May and focused on team building, idea submission and coding contests. There were a total of 212 entries from over 600 participants. In the second phase, which began on 18 May, participants worked on executing the submitted idea with mentorship from Barclays, Pitch coaching by Rise Global experts and code reviews by the Acehacker team.

Jaideep Khanna, Director, Barclays India said, “The start-up ecosystem is witnessing a steep increase in activity and interest from investors with even large corporates looking to invest in this space. Rise provides us with the opportunity to leverage our client relationships and experience to play a relevant role in the growth of the fintech community in India.”

(L-R) Jaideep khanna, Director, Barclays India with Lubaina Manji, Head of Rise and Group Innovation

(L-R) Jaideep khanna with Lubaina Manji

Lubaina Manji, Barclays Head of Rise and Group Innovation Office said, “At Barclays we are embracing the opportunities and expertise of the startup ecosystem, working together to drive innovation in financial services. Rise Mumbai will give technology entrepreneurs in India access to a global network of experts, businesses and partners, setting them up for rapid scale and growth. We are very excited about the launch and look forward to tapping into India’s budding fintech ecosystem, widening our global reach.”

The Rise platform and creation of an ecosystem of fintech start-ups will allow people from different geographies to interact with each other. The partnership with 91springboard will give the Rise network instant access to the former’s start-up community currently spread across six cities in India.

Varun Chawla, co-founder, 91springboard said, “When we started 91springboard, it was our dream to enable entrepreneurs to create products and services of the future. The launch of Rise Mumbai is a massive milestone for us and we are proud to play a pivotal role in making India a part of this global collaboration network. Rise Mumbai is poised to fundamentally shift the paradigm for Fintech entrepreneurs in India by providing unprecedented access to customers as well as technical expertise. If you combine this with the enabling regulatory and data framework that is emerging in India, it makes for very exciting times ahead!”


Hand with credit card and a small shopping cart coming from  laptop screen isolated in white

Top 5 websites to buy grocery online in India

We all have to go to the market to buy groceries and other stuff. One of the main reason we prefer that is, we can do bargaining and check if all the items are in good condition. For some people that is also a reason for an outing. But this is still the traditional way of buying stuff that needs to be changed. As most of the people are working now, they will not get time to buy grocery. So today I am writing an article mentioning top 5 websites to buy grocery online in India. But before that we will see some of the advantages to buy grocery online.

buy grocery online india

Advantages of buying Grocery Online

Your mom will often send you to the market/store to buy groceries and other stuff. So for me, it will be a boon if my family started purchasing grocery online. So the first reason to purchase grocery online is convenience. You just place an order and your order will be delivered at your doorsteps. The next benefit is that it will save a lot of time. In this time, you can do your other important stuff or maybe relax at home. Plus you get to see all the products available in the online store which is not the case with offline purchase. You can never ever guess what all products the offline store is selling until you irritate the shopkeeper. If you ask me, I will pay a bit more rather than go to the offline market/store to purchase what I want. If it’s 2 or 3 things then it’s a different case. I also see many people going to some famous stores like D-Mart where they offer huge discounts on whatever you buy. So I can conclude on this, if you get some discount plus good quality stuff online, then there is no harm in purchasing your groceries online.

Top 5 websites to buy grocery online in India

1. ZopNow

Zopnow has a fullscreen website design with the categories on the left and products on the right. It has small fonts with a bit congested product showcase but because of that, you can see many products on the same page. It has many categories apart from the usual kitchen category like bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, pet and cleaning. The most exciting thing to notice is they offer free shipping on all orders with no minimum order criteria. They promise to deliver within 3 hours of order placement depending on the location and availability of the item. The places where they deliver include cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurugram(Gurgaon), Delhi, Mysuru, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, & Noida. They have a funky way of calling the customer as zopper and they offer some online credits called zoppies which you can again use to buy products from their website. You also earn zoppies while you do some shopping and its very similar to a loyalty reward program. They also have a referral program through which you can earn more zoppies when you shop next time. Online payment and cash on delivery are two options for the payment. If you are doing shopping via mobile then they have a app for Android and IOS users to buy grocery online.

2. Askmegrocery

The layout of the website is very clean despite they have a lot of items up for sale. There are various categories like Beverages, grocery & staples, baby care, packaged food, household, bread & dairy, personal care, stationery, cosmetics & pet supplies. On the right, you can see some combo deals & deals of the week. The products are presented in a very neat and clean way with a price tag on the website. They currently deliver in 17 states with different locations. Delivery is free for orders above Rs.499 and if it is less then Rs.40 is charged as a delivery fee. The order is delivered within 6 hours of order placement or you can also choose the order to be delivered in a particular time slot between  09 30 hrs to 18 30 hrs. If I choose my city then I can say they have a great reach in delivering their products to many locations. They accept payments with Debit/Credit cards along with Net banking, Cash on delivery, Sodexo coupons and even card on delivery. Cancellations are accepted for physical products and not perishable items until the order is not shipped.

3. Bazaarcart

Bazaarcart has similar categories as Askmegrocery but they also sell International products, Ramdev Patanjali products, Ayurveda products, clothing and some electronics too. They deliver only in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida & Ghaziabad. They also have Free delivery on order of Rs.500 and above or else they will charge Rs.50. They have a shipping period of 12-24 hrs after the order is placed. You can also tell them to drop your order with your nneighboror gatekeeper. They accept online payments in the form of credit card, debit card, net banking, Paytm, Mobikwik wallet, Cash on delivery, & gift voucher. You can also do a society registration with them to get some exciting offers. I also tried the live chat feature which works great but a bit slow response. Also if you wish to go only for dry product and you stay in Delhi, then you can head over to DilliGrocery too. They offer only one mode of payment i.e. cash on delivery to be safe. Mostly the deal in bulk orders so they have free shipping over Rs.3000. They have app only for Android users.

4. Nature’sBasket

They have a wide range of delivery location coverage in India. You can checkout the complete list on their website. The offline stores are present in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru & Hyderabad. The categories includes International cuisine, Health conscious products, confectionery & patisserie, and other common stuff. Other than that you also have shop by recipe option which is also great. To make things more exciting they conduct various cooking events in their nearest stores. The payment modes include online payment, cash on delivery, card on deliver, Paytm and other wallets too. In most cases they offer Free shipping but if you choose cash on delivery, Rs.40 will be levied as cash handling charges. They promise to deliver your order within 3 hours of order placement(conditions applied). I think this will be the most innovative website of all with events and shop by recipe option. They also have their own mobile app for Android and iOS users.

5. Bigbasket

This website also covers many cities and the list is given on their website. Apart from the usual categories they also offer fresh meat. There is a separate section for the offers they launch. The delivery options include same day delivery and you can also choose time slots. They only charge Rs.20 as delivery fee or if you place an order above Rs.1000 then its a Free delivery. They also have an app for Android and iOS  users. The payment modes include online payment, cash on delivery, Sodexo passes only for food items.

One more benefit of buying from these online store is, they use eco-friendly bags to pack your stuff. So these are some top websites through which you can buy grocery online in India. There are some other websites like Reliance fresh direct, kiranawalla, aaramshop, naturallyyours, Grofers etc. Apart from this you can always search websites that serve your locality. I really think people should buy grocery online or at least should give it a try once. If you have ever done it please share your experience below in the comments section.


Top 3 ways to find information of mobile number in India

Whenever we get a missed call from an unknown number, we are curious to know the information about the caller. The information can be his/her name, location or service provider. But the problem is to figure out, the way in which we can do the information gathering ourselves. So today we will discuss some top 3 ways to find information of mobile number in India.

Find Information of mobile number in India

There are many tools and software’s available for the information gathering process. You can use different methods to find different type of Information. So let us start with Location and Service/Network provider.

1. Online Websites

There are many websites which gives information about the location and service provider of a mobile number. This information is recorded when the mobile number is registered to a user for the first time. It may also be deduced from the first few digits of mobile number.

  1. Go to Mobile tracker website.
  2. Enter the mobile number whose information you want to search and press enter.
  3. It will provide you with the location and network provider of the given number.
    Find information of mobile number in india

    Information of network provider and location

The location is provided on a Map which will help you to figure out the city from which the number is registered. Though it will not point out the current location of the user, but still you get to know from where you are getting the calls. So it narrows down your search to some extent. This tool will be soon getting an update for searching the new information, if the mobile number’s network provider is changed via mobile number portability(MNP).

Similar websites

2. Truecaller

After getting the location and service provider, let’s move on to one of the important information i.e. the name of the unknown caller. For that you can use one of the famous online public phone directory named truecaller.

Go to truecaller website and enter the number. You will need to sign in using google,facebook or twitter account. So go ahead and sign in and authorize the truecaller app. After that you will get the name of the unknown caller and a True Score. True score denotes the number of people who have saved the number with that name. So higher the score, more is the reliability of the information.


3. Using Mobile Apps

There are many mobile apps that can be used for finding information of the mobile number. Truecaller also has a mobile app that can be used to search the names of unknown caller. You can download it from the store, or refer the complete article from the link given above.

Just launch your respective store app (Playstore, Windows Store etc) and search for mobile number trace or mobile number information apps. As they are updated every day, you can download the latest one. Though i recommend truecaller app for mobile as it has many features like caller id search, blacklist etc.

For BSNL landline numbers

Though our topic is to find information of mobile number only, but you may need information on landline too. So let us search some information on BSNL landline number. BSNL maintains an online open directory which can be used to search address or name of the user to whom the landline is registered.

Go to this BSNL Online Directory website and Select the state. Now you can search via name, telephone, or find address of a landline number. It’s very helpful in your information gathering process and the information is completely accurate.

In this way you can find information of mobile number in India. If you know any other technique’s, you can share it with us by posting it in the comment section below.