Data recovery 2019

Recover deleted data from lost partition

Data is one of the most precious things there is as we keep it stored online, offline, on the cloud or on physical hard drives. Data that is stored offline might get deleted accidentally while cleaning up the storage. Sometimes you will find it in the recycle bin, other times you won’t. So what happens to all the data that is removed from recycle bin too? Is it gone forever, or you can recover it. Let us find out.

The science behind deleted data

All the data let it be audio, video, photo or any other file type that gets stored on laptop/PC is assigned an address to where it is stored. Now when you delete the data from recycle bin, the address is removed but the file is still present. This file only gets permanently deleted when some other data replaces the old one. So that means you can always get the deleted data back.

How to recover deleted data?

Deleted data can be recovered by some good software tools which will help you find the address of the deleted data. This will help the recovery of the accidentally deleted data. One such good software which we recommend is the Stellar Data recovery for Windows – Professional. You will get tools for most of the famous operating system, but as of now, we are focusing on the common one that is the Windows. Using such type of software will help you get the deleted data back. Let us review the software and see how it works.

Is recovering lost partition possible?

One of the coolest feature which I found in the Stellar Data recovery for Windows – Professional version is the recovery of lost or deleted drive partition. Even if you one has accidentally deleted the whole drive, it is possible to recover data from the same if you have the proper tool. Apart from this, recovering data from RAW partition is also possible with this software.

Word of Caution: If you accidentally delete any data from laptop/PC, do not copy any new files or folders especially in the same location from where the data was deleted.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows – Professional review and working:

Not long ago such software were only known and used by engineers who had enough knowledge of computers due to the complex process. But companies like Stellar have made them pretty simple to use for any layman and recover the data back.

Here is a step by step process on how to recover accidentally deleted data from lost partition:

  1. Download the Stellar Data Recovery for Windows – Professional version.
  2. Install the software on your laptop/PC where you deleted the partition and lost all the data.
  3. Launch the software. First, you will need to select the file type(audio, video, document, etc.) of the data deleted. If you had multiple then select all.
  4. Choosing the location from where the data was deleted. If in your case you know the location, then choose it or else if you lost the whole partition, then select can’t find drive option. Once you press scan, it will search for any partitions which were deleted recently or are still present on the hard disk but deleted by the user.
  5. Once you find the lost partition, for the data, the software by default chooses a quick scan, and if it fails to find any files – it switches to deep scan mode. Deep scan mode will take more time but gives better results.
  6. After the process is completed, a list of all the files found will be displayed in a tree format.
  7. Once you are done selecting the files you wish to recover, you can then press the recover button.
  8. Post that you will be asked to choose a location to recover files, make sure it is not the same location from where the files were deleted.

One of the great things about Stellar Data recovery for Windows – Professional is that they offer 30 days money back guarantee, so it’s totally safe to buy it.

Advantages of recovering data from Image:

Another advanced feature of this software is that you can make an image of the hard drive and then run the scans on that image. If the hard drive has lost data and gone old, then running an intensive scan again and again for data recovery may damage the hard drive even more. So creating an image of the hard drive is a better idea as the image won’t get corrupted even after many scans keeping the data intact.

In this way, one can recover accidentally deleted data from lost partition and get your whole partition back. In my case, mostly deep scan worked out to be a good option. The software is made very easy to use for anyone to understand. There are other recovery software available, but the advance feature of recovering data from lost partition or RAW partition works great in Stellar Data recovery for Windows – Professional version. The pricing for the software is Rs. 5,999 and you can buy it from this link. Do keep in mind that the software has some basic features like normal data recover along with lost partition data recovery and recovery from the image too. These features make the software worth the price as hiring any service may cost you ‘n’ times more depending on the amount of data. Let me know your views on the Stellar Data Recovery for Windows – Professional and the process of recovering files. If you face any doubts or have any feedback, please post them in the comment section below.

About Stellar:

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the pioneers in data recovery industry in India and has been providing a wide range of data recovery services & solutions since 1993. The company is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and has offices in all major Indian cities and states capitals. With proprietary data recovery service techniques, Skilled data recovery experts, In-house Research & Development team and state of the art infrastructure of CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM labs, Stellar has established itself as a market leader in delivering 100% risk free recovery to over 3 million satisfied clients in India, Europe and USA.


Data recovery with EaseUS data recovery wizard

Take a moment and picture this scenario. For many, you won’t have to imagine it, but rather relive it. You want to clean up your computer or memory drive in order to recover some storage. Unfortunately, as you select and delete files, you accidentally delete files that you did not intend to. Also, because you were deleting files in order to save space, you were not deleting them to the recycle bin, but you decided to ‘permanently’ delete them. These files could be documents, photos, music or even videos. What do you do now? How can an individual recover deleted files?

One solution is to contact a data recovery company to help recover the lost data. However, this will mean some time without your computer and also, it will cost a considerable amount of money. If you don’t want to have to do all this and still recover your data, there is an easier way. There currently exists free data recovery software that will allow anyone to recover deleted files. One of the best free data recovery software is EaseUS data recovery wizard.

Why Should you get EaseUS data recovery wizard?

First of all, EaseUSoffers the user a lifetime free trial. This means that you can get to use the product without having to pay for it up to a certain limit. You can use the product for free up until you recover 500MB of data. After that, you will have to pay for the software, but the rates are very reasonable and certainly cheaper than having to go to a professional data recovery center.

Second, the software is very easy to use. You will not need any special knowledge in code or computer science for you to use the software. The interface is generally the same as your regular program window with clear instructions on what you are to do. Anyone can use it immediately after they install it.

Third, EaseUS can recover deleted files of different types. The user can choose to recover all file types or specific file types. This means that if you deleted a folder and all you wanted was the documents that were in the folder, you can specify that what you want the software to do is to recover documents alone. The same goes for other file types. This sort of versatility and flexibility are crucial to the user because it helps them prioritize what they really need back.

Finally, the software, while smart, does not take control from the user. One way is shown above with the ability to select the files. The software allows the user to also not only select the location where to search (e.g. the original location of the files), it also allows you to choose what to recover after the scan of the location is completed. The user can choose to focus on one location and on particular files rather than having the software operate indiscriminately.

So, if you have lost your data, don’t fret. Get a free data recovery software. Get the best. Get EaseUSdata recovery wizard.

USB Flash drive data recovery

How to Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drive

Everybody in this digital age is busy in collecting, storing and sharing data. It happens a lot of times that you might accidentally delete something important from your storage device. Portable storage devices with less memory like USB Flash drive are often used for transferring small files. But using them frequently will result in accidents which involve data loss. But is the data really gone forever when deleted? Well, the answer is no if it is not overwritten by some other set of data. So today we will see how to recover lost data from USB Flash Drive.

Before we move ahead with data recovery part, let us see what happens when you delete data from USB flash drive. Even if you press “Shift+Del” which is the command for permanently deleting data in Windows operating system, it is not shown anywhere on the system. But the data still remains in the memory of the storage device. If you copy paste some other data on that USB drive, then the old data is replaced with the new one. Only then it would be difficult to recover it. So the first thing you need to do when the data gets deleted is, do not copy any other data in that storage device. There are many software available for flash drive data recovery out of which we will be using Wondershare Data Recovery. This software is a paid one but you can surely try it for free(up to 300MB data recovery).

Wondershare Data Recovery features:

It has some excellent features and modes that will help you recover data in different conditions. The software is available for two operating system now Windows and Mac. The system requirements for running Wondershare Data Recovery is very low, that means it can be used across any kind of hardware. Data loss due to deletion, formatting, inaccessibility, corrupt partition, unexpected power off, factory reset without backup etc. can be recovered using this software. Almost any kind of data let it be documents, image, video, audio, email, archive etc. are supported. Apart from that data from computer/laptop, memory card, digital camcorder, hard drive and Flash drives can be retrieved.

Recovery modes of Wondershare Data Recovery:
  • Wizard Mode: For all those who are trying out the data recovery process for the first time can choose this mode. Wizard mode will ask you some questions that will help you recover data faster. This mode works efficiently for a layman with less technical knowledge.
  • Lost File Recovery: Using this mode one can recover data with original file names and path which is a feature that you might not get in every data recovery software. This helps to restore things back to their original state.
  • Partition Recovery: This mode will help you to recover data from deleted, lost, damaged, formatted, and resized partitions. Doing experiments with partition can sometimes cost you loss of huge amount of data depending on the size of the partition.
  • Raw Recovery: This mode can help in situations of virus/trojan attack wherein the file system is all corrupted. So you can run a scan on raw hard drive which will provide you with preview of all the files that can be recovered with one-click.
  • Resume Recovery: Resume recovery can be extremely helpful when the size of the storage device getting scanned is huge and takes a lot of time. So you can perform scan and recover process in parts by saving the scan results and then resuming the search from where you left off.

So let us check the steps on how to recover data from USB flash drive. The steps will make the whole data recovery process very easy.

How to recover lost data from USB flash drive?

  1. Download the software from the aforementioned link with respect to the operating system you are running.
  2. Install it on the system and then run it. After you first launch the software, it will ask you to enter license code so you can skip that and try the software for free.
  3. The Wizard mode is the default mode that is launched, so you can switch to standard mode.How to recover lost data from USB Flash drive
  4. In that choose Lost File Recovery mode to recover data from USB flash drive.
  5. Make sure that you have connected the USB flash drive from which the data is to be recovered.How to recover lost data from USB Flash drive
  6. Choose the proper location and check the deep scan option.
  7.  After the scan is completed, it will show all the files that can be recovered.How to recover lost data from USB Flash drive
  8. You can choose the files and press recover.


Make sure that you choose a different location for recovering the data and not the same one from where the data was deleted. The software works in the best possible way and shows promising outputs. The process is quite easy and fast even for a person from a non-technical background. So now you know how to recover lost data from USB flash drive. If you have any doubts then please post them in the comment section below.