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How to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free

Amazon started a Prime membership program that enables users to get quicker deliveries and some exclusive deals on its e-commerce website. Anyone could get 1-Month of Free Prime Membership on a trial basis. But now that offer is gone for good. As of now, you need to pay Rs.499 to get 1 Year of Amazon Prime Membership which is worth Rs. 999 as original pricing. But what if I tell you that you can get the benefits for Free. There is a glitch in the Amazon buying procedure which lets you enjoy Prime benefits for free. Ofcourse there is a catch to it, but it will work for sure. Let us see how to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free.

The glitch was accidentally discovered which activated the Amazon Prime membership. Here is how you do it.

How to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free?

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Check the logo of Amazon. You will see the Try Prime option just below it. Click on it and the membership page will appear.
    How to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free
  3. On this page, you need to click on ‘Join Prime Today’.
  4. After this proceed normally like buying a product. You will see the total amount, just click on buy/check out.
  5. Enter shipping address, you can keep it as your home or any daily used address.
  6. Next step is to choose the payment method. Here is the main step where the magic happens.
  7. Select Net Banking as your payment method and choose HDFC Bank gateway for payment. Next click on Place Your Order and Pay.
    How to get Amazon Prime Membership for Free
  8. Netbanking page of HDFC will be opened in front of you. Just enter 123456789 in the user ID /Customer ID and click Continue.
  9. You will get an error message saying ‘You are not authorized to do this transaction’. Just close the window and open Amazon website.

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  10. Boom! You will see that your Amazon Prime Membership is activated.

Now the catch is that the Prime Membership stays for about 1 day. You will get various emails from Amazon saying that your Prime membership will be canceled if you don’t actually go ahead and pay. Just ignore them and buy the products you want. Once you have placed the order in the Prime Membership period, it will be delivered accordingly even if the Membership is canceled the next day. So whenever you need to purchase anything through Amazon Prime, then just repeat the same procedure. This works every time you do it and is totally tested. Just a few steps and you get Free Amazon Prime Membership for 1-day ‘n’ number of times. This is how you get Amazon Prime Membership for Free without paying any money. Enjoy the full benefits using this method. Let us know if you face any issues regarding the same method and we will be happy to help.

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How to get unlimited free one day delivery from Amazon

Amazon has launched various customized options in the delivery method. You can get your product delivered on the same day, in one day or in two days. Apart from these, there are other options of getting products in the morning or scheduling a delivery according to your availability. Till now to avail all these privileged services you had to spend some extra bucks. But now there is this new subscription plan called Amazon Prime where you can get all these features for free (Unlimited times). This feature is now launched for India which was available for other countries previously. So let us see how to get unlimited free one day delivery from Amazon.

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What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a special subscription plan in which a user can get unlimited free one day and two-day delivery. One can also enjoy morning delivery, scheduled delivery or same day delivery at discounted price of Rs.50(Originally – Rs.100). Plus you get free standard delivery involving 4-7 days duration without any minimum order limitation. The customers signing up for this plan gets 2 months of free trial subscription and can enjoy these benefits without spending any penny. After that, you can pay Rs.499 (discounted introductory offer – original price Rs.999) per year to enjoy the Prime subscription services.

Benefits of Amazon Prime :

  • Free one day and two-day delivery
  • Free standard delivery
  • No limitations of minimum order on standard delivery
  • Same day delivery, morning delivery, or scheduled delivery at Rs.50
  • Free live stream of TV shows, exclusive videos via Amazon Video (Coming Soon to India)
  • Early 30 mins access to Amazon lightning deals and deals of the day

Price :

Free for two months (60 days). After two months Rs.499(introductory offer) per year. So nobody knows till when the introductory offer will last, and the subscription pack for Prime will shift to its original price – Rs.999.

How to get unlimited free one day delivery from Amazon?

Note: This is free and unlimited only for two months. Then you need to pay a small amount of Rs.499/year to continue with the Prime subscription.

  1. Visit this Amazon Prime Subscription link to activate the Prime membership. Click on start your 60-day Free trial button.
  2. You just need to sign-in to your Amazon account to activate the membership.
  3. After signing in you will get a confirmation message for the activation of the trial.
  4. From now onwards you will start seeing Prime icon on various products that are eligible with this subscription.
    How to get unlimited free one day delivery from amazon

    Amazon Prime one-day Free delivery

  5. Before buying you must check which type of delivery is available at your address.

Note: Amazon is not requesting for the credit/debit card details for the activation of trial which is a great thing and you can subscribe without worrying.

What’s the catch?

Prime service has just started and you may not get one-day or two-day delivery in your city. Also the Prime delivery option is not available with every product. For now they have covered few pin codes of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and a few more. But one thing is sure that there will be no delivery charge for orders less than Rs.500 which was the case before. So if you are confused whether you should go for this or not then here are some tips. Activate the 2 months trial and buy all the products below Rs.500 that you wished for. Till then you can think if paying Rs.499/year is worth for you or not.

The Amazon Prime service is quite similar to what Flipkart First offers. But Amazon Prime is cheaper with the introductory offer for now. I guess the people who frequently do online shopping must avail the prime membership. With such quick delivery systems, one demerit of online shopping i.e. the waiting process is now reduced to a smaller duration. I hope that Amazon will spread their one-day and two-day delivery service to smaller cities too. So this was the method to get free unlimited one day delivery from Amazon. If you have any doubts regarding Amazon Prime then please do comment below.