Nokia Normandy a low cost android phone

Nokia is working on a phone with codename Normandy, which will support Android Apps. Normandy had previously many other names before evleaks tweeted with its photo. Normandy will support a forked version of Android, like amazon does with Kindle Fire versions. The phone will be in a low budget range.

Nokia's low cost android phone

In the image you can see that it is given looks of a Lumia Device with no hard buttons on the front. It will support android apps like Skype and many other apps. As we know Microsoft is going to acquire Nokia, so it is not clear that whether entering into Android phone market would be profitable. Moreover phone will be released as Asha’s equivalent to rule the low end budget smartphones.

nokia normandy a low cost android phone

The phone is planned to be launched in 2014, but not sure whether Nokia will launch it before Microsoft acquires it, or Microsoft has some new plans for Normandy. As the Android version will be forked, so they can totally modify and design it as per they require. But launching a Android phone over Windows Phone will do Microsoft any good? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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