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We all watch video songs online. And if i ask which site we prefer, than the reply will be youtube. Suppose we need only the audio i.e. mp3, then we have to search again on the internet. But no need to do this from now. Today we will see a direct method to convert youtube videos to mp3 and that too online. Also there are many video songs of which audio(mp3) is not available for download. So you can use this direct method to convert online videos to mp3 online without any software.

How to convert online videos to mp3 online:

  1. Go to this LINK.
  2. Copy the URL of the video you want to convert(1.), and then paste in the box like i have done below. Now click download (2.).

    convert online videos to mp3
  3. After clicking download, you will see the progress, and then a link for final download link will appear like below. Click on “Click here to get download link” (3.).

    convert online videos to mp3
    Click to get download link
  4. Now you will get the Link to download mp3. Just click download mp3 (4.) Your downloading will begin in a few seconds.

    convert online videos to mp3
    Download mp3

This method is very easy and you can convert online videos to mp3 online, without any need of software. If you have any doubts or question regarding this tutorial then feel free to post it in the comment section below.

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