Create wifi hotspot in laptop or pc- best method

Create wifi hotspot in laptopIn today’s World Internet has became one of the basic need. So to share Internet Connection, Wifi is the best medium. Usually, we can find Wifi hotspots at many places nowdays. But have you ever thought that, you can create your own Wifi hotspot and connect various devices to it. Today I am going to share the best method to create wifi hotspot in laptop or PC. Many people also require to use their internet connection of pc/laptop in their mobiles, so this method would work for them.


  • Laptop or PC(with a external wifi adapter)
  • Internet connection to be shared (Wired connection,Cable net)
  • Operating System Windows xp(sp3),or Windows Vista,or Windows 7,or Windows 8

How to create wifi hotspot in laptop or pc ??

  1. We will use a Software named Connectify. It is a Free Tool. You can Download it from the Link below.
    Click here to download
  2. After downloading install it and then Launch it from Start Menu.
  3. After Starting, you can see the its icon in Task bar (right side bottom corner).
    Create wifi hotspot in laptop
  4. Now just click on it and you will see a panel. In that, you can change the settings of the hotspot.
  5. Now Just Enter the name of your Hotspot(1). Then Enter Password for your wifi hotspot(2).
  6. Now select the Network (wired connection) which you want to share using Wifi (3).

    Create wifi hotspot in laptop

    In the image above I have shared my cable net(Realtek PCIeFE Family Controller).

    (In the image above I have shared my cable net(Realtek PCIeFE Family Controller)).

  7. Let the security be set to WPA2 and then Click on Start Hotspot.
  8. After a few seconds you will see that your Wifi Hotspot is created and you can connect your other devices like mobile to it. Just Enter the password and connect to your own Wifi hotspot.
  9. You can also check, who is currently connected to the Wifi hotspot like below.
    Create wifi hotspot in laptop

ALSO SEE : Check who is using your wifi.

This was the Easiest and the Best method to Create wifi hotspot in Laptop or PC. Now this was for the trial version. If you purchase the full version,you can share Data over Wifi Connecition.
If you Find any problem with the above method, DO COMMENT below or mail me using contact form.

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Turn your phone into walkie talkie (Android/iPhone)

Turn your phone into walkie talkieFed up of typing messages in your phone? Got irritated with the small, congested keys on your phone? From now onward, no need to. Now you can just turn your phone into walkie talkie, and send voice messages to your friends and family.

You can listen voice of your closed ones, and it is similar to calling someone. You Just need a Android phone or iPHONE and a Internet Connection of course.

How to turn your phone into Walkie talkie??

  • Just download a app named Voxer.
    It is available Free of cost on
    Play Store(Android)
    App store(iDevices) 

  • After downloading, install and make a account on Voxer with your gmail account. I would recommend that you Sign In using Facebook, as it will help you in directly inviting and synchronizing friends from facebook.
  • Now just select a friend or a group, press and hold the “Hold and Talk” button, speak up and release the button. Its similar to a walkie talkie with a unlimited range. However your message is saved, and you can listen to it whenever you want.
    Turn your phone into walkie talkie
  • Also here you can type message if you want or send pictures like you do in other apps.
  • Voxer keeps track of your location, so you can also share location with family and friends.

Its a useful app for those who don’t like typing messages. It is a great way to say Hello, goodbye or whatever you want. Just turn your phone into a walkie talkie and start VOXING!!!!

Although it has drawback that people who don’t have iPhone or Android phones will not be able to use this app. Hope the developers are trying hard to bring this app on other phones like Nokia,blackberry etc.

My experience with this app was good. SHARE your experience with us in the COMMENT section below…

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Find name of unknown caller

Find name of unknown caller

Did you missed a phone call from an unknown number? Want to know who is giving you blank calls? Are you harassed by a unknown caller? Using this trick you would no more be. Today we will see, how to find name of unknown caller using a app called True Caller. This will also give you information like service provider and the location(may be incorrect) of the unknown number.

This app is available for iPhone,Android,Nokia,Windows,and Blackberry.

How to find name of unknown caller?

Using PC,Laptop

  1. Visit this website www.truecaller.com
  2. Now select country, enter the unknown number and press enter.
    truecaller w_screenshot
  3. Now it will ask you to sign in. It has various option for signing in like facebook,google,yahoo, and twitter. You can use any of these and sign in.
    Truecaller signup screenshot
  4. Now you will find name of unknown caller written with various scores given by truecaller. Greater the score is, more genuine is the name.

Using Mobile

  1. First go to m.truecaller.com from your mobile and download the application.
    For Android user download directly from here or you can goto playstore.
  2. Launch the app and you will see something like below.
    Find name of unknown caller
  3. Now enter the unknown number you want to search, select the country code and press search. No need to enter any address.
  4. After searching, it will give you the name, service provider and the location (may be incorrect) of the unknown caller.
  5. It also has this caller ID feature, so whenever you get a call from a unknown number, you will have the name displayed on your screen.
    So you will know, who is calling you before you pickup the call.
  6. Now if you want to help them, then there is a option to update, where it updates your phonebook to their database. It all depends on you, if you feel its privacy issue then don’t go for that option.
  7. And obviously you need an Internet Connection to search.

Video Tutorial:


  • It will display you the name, only if it exist in their database.
  • The name which is stored by some person, and then uploaded by him/her to their database will be shown to you. So it may not be full name.

Inspite of its drawback, I found this app very useful for me, to find name of unknown caller. If you ask for my suggestion, then you should definitely go for this app. Just download it and start tracking the unknown calls, blank calls.

Also you can share it with your friends by using the buttons given below like Facebook, twitter etc.

If you have any doubts or question regarding this method, then do post in the comment section below. I will be happy to help you out.




bluestacks logo

Run Android Apps on PC using bluestack

Hi friends. Have you ever imagined that you can experience the joy of using Android Apps on your PC. Now no need to have mobile supporting Android apps, you can directly run Android apps on PC . First download Android apps for free and then install Bluestack App player to run those apps. If you are already having an android mobile, then also this app will be useful. When you turn on your PC, you can get all notifications there also. So it’s like having Android in both devices.

System Requirements:

  • Vista or windows 7,8, mac
  • 2 GB Ram
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or more-powerful processor

Run android apps on pc:

Now if your machine meets the requirements given above, then you are ready to use the player.

  1. First download the tool from Here.
    run android apps on pc
  2. Download it according to the OS you have.
  3. Now install it on your machine.
  4. While installing it will download some data and it may take time depending on your internet connection, let it do.
  5. After successfully installing run it. It will look something like below.
    run android apps on pc
  6. You can see some apps at the top and the right side. Download these apps by clicking on them.
  7. Also, there is a search bar where you can search for your desired app.
  8. Now enjoy all the Android apps on PC.

Bluestack provides you the experience of using Android apps on PC. So before purchasing an Android phone, you can use it and experience the apps. 

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