Angel Broking ARQ: Smart Financial Advisor!

Every time, I see people investing, they mostly choose the safer option of going with F.D. or PPF. But what other smart people do is go for stock markets, mutual funds or buy equities. Recently many people did invest in crypto currencies too. If you sum up the financial investment trend then you will realize that the safer routes you take, the less returns is what you get. But if you go for the stock markets with higher risk potential, the returns might be more. For you to succeed and make a smart choice, you need a financial advisor who knows everything about the current market and make some smart future choices. The traditional approach was going to some people who possess such kind of knowledge, but we are living in the 21st century so let us just make good use of technology. Here is where the company Angel Broking comes in which is one of leader when it comes to financial investments. They have launched a smart investment engine named ARQ which actually understands the current market and can make better future investment choices for you.

Angel Broking

For those of you who don’t know about Angel Broking, it is a stock broking firm which was established more than 25 years back. They provide retail investors with a good range of investment options and financial advisory including the execution services through membership of all key capital market institutions in India. Lead by Mr. Dinesh Thakkar who is the Managing Director of Angel Broking, his vision made Angel Group India’s one of the most preferred broking service group in commodities, equities, and currencies. If we talk about numbers, Angel broking has a presence in 103 cities, 9000+ registered sub-brokers, and over 1 million clients.

What is ARQ?

ARQ is a revolutionary automated investment engine which helps retail investors by providing them personalized advice to invest the money in the right stocks which can give huge returns. It works on advanced machine learning algorithms and modern portfolio theory to provide you with best financial guidance while investing. There are various financial experts monitoring ARQ 24×7 to make it even better and accurate. In simple words, it lets you harness the max performance of equities as an asset class. ARQ will offer you recommendations for equity stocks and mutual funds.

Foundation of ARQ

ARQ is a powerful investment engine because of these factors:

  • Machine learning
  • Cognitive Algorithms
  • Teraflops of Processing power
  • Experts Insights

How to get started with ARQ?

There are basically two methods using which one can access ARQ – Desktop & Angel Broking Mobile App. I would suggest you go with the latter option as it is pretty convenient to manage all your financial investments through your smartphone. The App is available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms which are widely used.

So to begin with one needs to have a Demat Account with Angel Broking. Normally opening a demat account is very tedious process as the documentation work is quite heavy. But Angel Broking has even made this process simpler by using technology at its best. So you can now open a Demat account in approx an hour if you have all the required documents ready. Once you have the app installed you will see that it is a one-stop solution for maintaining your financial portfolio. You can keep records of your equity, mutual funds, bonds, commodity, currency etc. all in just one app. Once you login and jump to the ARQ section, it will first check your age, risk appetite, your previous investment experience, and other factors to determine the best mutual funds and equity choices. It will send you recommendations through SMS notifications and you can execute the trade if you wish to do so. Just remember that ARQ will provide you with guidance and smart choices, but in the end it all comes down to your choice whether to go with it or not. So you are in control of where you are investing your funds. ARQ’s model has been tested using scientific testing and validated by its past track records. It is calibrated to take advantage of upticks in stocks or mutual funds during one’s investment period.

Overall I think that it is always better to take help of the latest technology and make a smart choice when it comes to investment. If you are anyways going to take the risk, then why not just cross check with some financial investment engine like ARQ which is monitored by experts. I won’t say that the system is perfect or flawless, but it will reduce the risk factor and increase the chances of gaining more returns from the market. Let me know your thoughts on the latest investment engine ARQ by Angel Broking and share your experience of using it.

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