Recover deleted data on Mac

The digital age has actually helped in converting the physical documents to digital files which are easier to store and manage. They take up very less space and we can store everything on our laptop or any other storage media devices. But again, any electronic device has a risk of getting corrupted due to one or the other reason. So what if you lose some important data by accidentally deleting it from your laptop/mac? Is it permanently gone from the hard disk or SSD? Well there are software available to help you out in this case. But as you might be knowing that companies tend to develop more software for Windows operating system, and you don’t have much options for Mac most of the times. Today is all about Mac data recovery using EaseUS data recovery wizard software.


Reasons of data getting lost:

  • Accidentally deleted data even from the trash
  • Hard disk getting corrupted
  • Power failure
  • Virus/malware/worm attack
  • Partition lost
  • Physical damage to the machine

There can be other reasons too. But unless it is a physical damage, the software can come to your rescue and get your data back.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

So there is this company called EaseUS who excel in data recovery solutions and luckily they have a software available for Mac too. We have done reviews in the past for their software on Windows and it worked amazingly for Mac OS too. It is a simple easy to use recovery software that can be used by anyone. Also it is free to use, so one can give it a try anytime for certain GB of data.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

  • Restore lost or deleted document, photo, video, audio, email and other types of files
  • Save files from Mac notebook, Mac desktop, hard drive, SSD, USB drive, memory card, SD card, CF card, digital camera, iPod, MP3/MP4 player, etc.

One can recover all types of files using EaseUS data recovery wizard. They have a Free version and paid version available for the software with different features. Here is the feature comparison for all the versions.

Steps to recover data using EaseUS Data recovery Wizard:

  1. Install and launch the software.
  2. Start the scanning by specifying the location of deleted files. Quick scan or a deep scan based on the type of scanning you want to do in the system.
  3. You will have a list of files which the software will be able to recover. Start recovering the files in some new location and not where the files where lost.

This is how easy it is to recover data using EaseUS data recovery wizard. It will mostly find all the files that were lost due to one or the other reasons mentioned above. Let me know how the software worked out for you, also post any doubts if you have in the comment section.

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How to recover lost deleted data ?

In this digital age, most of us use computers to store our most crucial information. But computers are also not foolproof to data loss. Sometimes we may accidentally lose some important data due to some reasons like formatting, partition loss, or improper operation. Though the data once deleted can be recovered till it’s not replaced by any new data. So today we will learn how to recover data using EaseUS free data recovery software. Before that let’s understand what happens when you delete the data.

What happens when you delete data?

Data copied to your hard drive is allotted some specific space and a pointer that points towards the address of the data. This pointer helps computer keep a track on the location of the file on the whole hard drive. Whenever we delete some data (even from recycle bin), the pointer of the data is removed and we cannot see the data on our hard drive. Though all the files are still present on our hard drive. Now we can use some data recovery software like EaseUS data recovery to recover the lost data.

How to recover lost deleted data?

  • First download the free data recovery software according to the operating system installed.
  • Now install the software on your computer.
  • Choose the type of lost data like graphics, audio, document, video, email or other.
  • Scan the specific location or the whole computer for the lost data. You can also recover data from pen drive or memory cards.
  • Once you start the scan, you will see the data that was found. After the scan has completed, you can recover your data.
  • Just remember one thing, the new found data should be recovered in a different location than the previous location in which it was present.
  • You can also use deep scan option to optimize your search and find very old files. Deep scan will take more time than normal scan depending on the storage size.

Limitations of data recovery

Once you start pasting new data in your hard drive, the old data gets overwritten which makes the recovery process a bit difficult. Data which gets overwritten many times becomes almost impossible to recover using normal software.

So if any of your data gets deleted, do not paste any new data in the same location. If you have any doubts please post them in the comment section below.


How to recover data from deleted partition

Once I accidentally deleted one Partition of my cousin’s PC. It contained a total Data of Around 120 Gb. So, is that all the Data from the partition gone permanently with just Few clicks?? The Answer is no. When we delete the partition or the Data, only the name assigned to it is deleted, while our data still exists on HardDrive. It gets permanently deleted only when you add another data, and the old one gets replaced. So today we will see, how to recover data from deleted partition.

How to recover data from deleted partition

First things first. I will recommend that, after deleting or formatting partition accidentally, don’t copy any another data in the partition and also don’t Format it. Next thing you have to do is, you will have to arrange space equivalent to that you have lost. You can either free up another partition or arrange a external hard disk. The reason behind this is that, you can’t recover data in the same space from where you lost it.

How to recover data from deleted partition??

  1. You will need a software named Active File Recovery.
    Download it from HERE
  2. Install it on your PC/laptop.
  3. Run the software. Now select the deleted Partition (it will show as unallocated space or u can check drive letter if you have formatted).
  4. Now select SUPER scan (Recommended) and not Quick. You will have to wait till it completes scanning. It may take some time.
  5. After the Scan is completed, it will show all the data that can be recovered.
  6. Just select the files you want to recover, then right click and select ‘recover’ option.
  7. Now give the location where you want to recover the data(Do not specify the same drive from where you have lost it)
    How to recover data from deleted partition
  8. This recovering will also take time depending on amount of the Data to be recovered.
  9. And that’s it. Your all data will be recovered.

You can Watch Video Tutorial HERE.

Believe me this Method really works. I myself have recovered 120Gb of Data as it is, otherwise my cousin would have killed me. You can rely on this software. So this method will definitely provide ans to the question, how to recover data from deleted partition. If you have any queries regarding  the above method, feel free to comment. Also share your experience with us.





Recover deleted files with recuva

Have you ever accidently deleted your important files or docs or anything. Ya i mean even from your recycle bin. I m pretty sure that it may happen with everyone. So today i will teach you how to recover deleted files.

How it works??

The concept behind this recovery is that, whenever you delete some files, the disk shows corresponding empty space, but the file is still present. Whenever you add more files, the previous files get overwritten. This deletes the files permanently. So recuva just scans for files which are not overwritten. In this way it recovers deleted files.

The concept is clear i think, so lets do it practically. So lets start.

 How to recover deleted files???

  1. First you will need a software named Recuva. It is a free tool.
    Download it from here
  2. Now after downloading install it and launch it from desktop.
  3. When you will launch it, you will see something like below. Simply click next.
    Recover deleted files
  4. Now choose the content which you want to recover. Eg. Image, music,document (You can select other if you want all files to be displayed). Then click next.Recover deleted files
  5. Choose the destination where files were initially present before deletion, means the last seen location. If you don’t remember, than you can choose ‘I m not sure’ and click next at last.
    Recover deleted files
  6. Now check the box which says ‘enable deep scan’. Deep scanning will take more time, but it is more reliable then normal one. Now click start.
    Recover deleted files
  7. It will start scanning your hard drive for deleted files. After the scanning completes, it will show you the files that can be recovered with green dot. 
  8. Now select the files you want to recover, and click recover. Also mention the location were you want to recover the files.
    NOTE: Make sure you don’t select the same location where files were initially present. So better select  new location and click ok.
  9. This will start recovery process and you will find all your files within a few minutes. This was the method to easily recover deleted files.


Now recuva is not the only tool to recover files. There are many tools available on the net which are more efficient then recuva.

Some good things about recuva is that, it is available free of cost and it is very simple to use. So if its a lower level matter, recuva would be a good option. Also remember that you recover the things as soon as possible, before they get replaced by other files. Stay tunned for other tips/trick about recovering data.

If you have any questions regarding this method, then do post them in the comment section below. I would be happy to help you.

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