Data recovery with EaseUS data recovery wizard

Take a moment and picture this scenario. For many, you won’t have to imagine it, but rather relive it. You want to clean up your computer or memory drive in order to recover some storage. Unfortunately, as you select and delete files, you accidentally delete files that you did not intend to. Also, because you were deleting files in order to save space, you were not deleting them to the recycle bin, but you decided to ‘permanently’ delete them. These files could be documents, photos, music or even videos. What do you do now? How can an individual recover deleted files?

One solution is to contact a data recovery company to help recover the lost data. However, this will mean some time without your computer and also, it will cost a considerable amount of money. If you don’t want to have to do all this and still recover your data, there is an easier way. There currently exists free data recovery software that will allow anyone to recover deleted files. One of the best free data recovery software is EaseUS data recovery wizard.

Why Should you get EaseUS data recovery wizard?

First of all, EaseUSoffers the user a lifetime free trial. This means that you can get to use the product without having to pay for it up to a certain limit. You can use the product for free up until you recover 500MB of data. After that, you will have to pay for the software, but the rates are very reasonable and certainly cheaper than having to go to a professional data recovery center.

Second, the software is very easy to use. You will not need any special knowledge in code or computer science for you to use the software. The interface is generally the same as your regular program window with clear instructions on what you are to do. Anyone can use it immediately after they install it.

Third, EaseUS can recover deleted files of different types. The user can choose to recover all file types or specific file types. This means that if you deleted a folder and all you wanted was the documents that were in the folder, you can specify that what you want the software to do is to recover documents alone. The same goes for other file types. This sort of versatility and flexibility are crucial to the user because it helps them prioritize what they really need back.

Finally, the software, while smart, does not take control from the user. One way is shown above with the ability to select the files. The software allows the user to also not only select the location where to search (e.g. the original location of the files), it also allows you to choose what to recover after the scan of the location is completed. The user can choose to focus on one location and on particular files rather than having the software operate indiscriminately.

So, if you have lost your data, don’t fret. Get a free data recovery software. Get the best. Get EaseUSdata recovery wizard.

formatted harddrive

How to recover data from formatted hard drive?

Keeping all your data offline is one of the best things to do when security is the concern. But offline data has location access restriction. Plus if the only copy of data gets corrupted or deleted then you are in some serious trouble. Many times it may happen that your most trusted personal machine might fail you. Because of some reason the data might get deleted or corrupted. Accidentally you may format the whole hard drive or a single partition. In such case, the data is not really gone. So today we will see how to recover data from formatted hard drive using EaseUS Data recovery wizard software. Before that let us understand a few basic.

What happens when you format hard drive?

Now this seems like a crazy thought that someone would actually format his/her hard drive accidentally. But trust me, for people doing some real experiments like dual booting, they might end up with formatted hard drive or a partition. I once deleted a partition accidentally and they didn’t even ask for confirmation before deleting every inch of data. So when you actually delete partition or format hard drive, the data is present but the address pointer is removed. So we cannot see the data. Unless and until you replace the old data with new one, hard drive recovery is very much possible. You can use various tools and software but in this tutorial we will use  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which is a free software and works great.

Quick tip: As soon as you lose some data, don’t paste any data in the same location. There is a chance that you might replace the old data making it unrecoverable. 

How to recover data from formatted hard drive?

  1.  Download data recovery software free from this link. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is available for free.
  2. Next install the software depending on the operating system you have – windows or mac.
  3. The steps to install it are pretty much simple and won’t take much time.
  4.  After successfully installing the software, launch EaseUS data recovery wizard.
  5. When you first open the software, you will find a screen asking you to choose a location to recover data from.
    How to recover data from formatted hard drive?
  6. If you have formatted the whole hard drive, then connect it to some other PC and install the software in that PC.
  7. You can recover data from formatted partition or USB drives or SD cards too.
  8. After choosing the location of data to search in, click ‘Scan’.
    How to recover data from formatted hard drive?
  9. Depending on the size of partition it will take some time. After scan is complete, results will be shown with files that can be recovered.
  10. If the results are according to what you were expecting then you can go ahead and recover the data.
    How to recover data from formatted hard drive?
  11. Remember one thing that the destination of recovery files should be different from where it was lost. If you recover the data in the same location then you might overwrite the remaining lost data and create a big mess.
  12. Many times you may not get expected results with quick scan. So this time you can use the ‘Deep Scan’ option to search in depth. This will surely take much more time than quick scan.
  13. Deep scan will actually perform good and recover almost all your data. The time is worth the wait.
  14. After that remember to press recover and choose different location to recover files.

So in this way you can recover data from formatted hard drive. If the process of scanning took much time then you can save the results and recover everything any other time. But it is not wise to wait too much to recover the lost data.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

  • Easy Installation
  • Recover data from multiple sources hard drive, USB drives, memory card, digital devices etc
  • Recovering is possible even if the files were formatted, accidentally deleted, hard drive failed, system crashed, virus attack, partition loss etc
  • Support for Windows and Mac
  • Import export scan results to recover data later
  • Bootable media with Pro+ WinPE version

EaseUS Data recovery wizard has a very clean interface and the software knows what it is mean to do. It has one main goal of recovering which it does very well. Though the deep scan took some time but worked great. You can always go for paid version if you want to recover unlimited data. So this is how to recover data from formatted hard drive. If you have any doubts then post them in the comment section below.


Should you upgrade to Windows 10 or not?

Windows 10 is currently the latest operating system from Microsoft. The major change that it brought back was the start menu which was missed by many people. There are some other benefits of upgrading to Windows 10. Along with the benefits comes certain issues that you may face after upgrading to Windows 10. So I have included this infographic, which covers all the points that will help you in understanding things in a much better way. These all things will help you to take the decision, should you upgrade to Windows 10 or not.

First thing it starts with are the reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10. Then it mentions certain problems that you might face after upgrading to Windows 10 which can be totally avoided if you know them before. And lastly it ends with certain hidden features of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

I hope that this helped you to know most of the major things you should know about upgrading to Windows 10. Regarding the problems that are stated above, you can always take the backup to avoid data loss. And if you want to have more space in C drive, you can go ahead and delete Windows.old folder if those things are not needed. Personally, I recommend you to use Windows 10 as the UI and everything looks modern and easy to use. If you want to use a previous version then I suggest that Windows 7 as it is quite stable but Microsoft has pulled the support off. If you have any doubts please mention them in the comment section below.

Source: EaseUS


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review

With the increase in the dependency of data, people are considering it as one of the most important assets now. Digital data is easier to store, transfer and analyze. Plus taking backups is now a faster process, which not most of the people practice. Due to this, the loss of data can be a serious problem to those relying on the digital age. If you have some important chunks of data stored in your office computer and accidentally someone deletes all that, so is your data permanently gone? Well the answer is no. The first thing people will check is the recycle bin, but what if it is empty. Still I can say that your data is on the hard drive. Then the next question is how to retrieve your deleted data? There are many Free recovery software in the market out of which we are reviewing the one called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. In this review, we will actually check how good is this software and what are the various features.

What happens when my data gets deleted?

Before moving on to the review, let us try to understand what happens to your data when you delete it permanently. After deleting the data even from recycle bin, it stops showing anywhere on the Windows explorer. But your data is still present on your hard drive and it has only stopped showing in explorer. If you delete certain amount of data from partition A and add another set of data to the same partition, then some of the data deleted previously gets replaced/overlapped by the new data. Data recovery works best when the old data is not replaced by any new data. So as soon as you have lost your data, avoid copying any new data to the same location. Hard drive recovery using a software is totally possible if it is not physically damaged.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review :

The software is available for two platforms viz. Windows and Mac. Depending on the operating system you can download the Free version. The installation is a simple Next and Finish process. Size of the software is less than 16MB for Windows and the latest version is 10.8 . The installation takes up to 41MB of disk space. It is free of adware till now so you don’t need to worry of additional software getting installed while you run the setup. Plus there are no search engine or homepage changes which shows that it has a clean setup.

After installing you get 500MB of free data recovery limit which can be increased by 1.5GB by sharing their software on social media that includes Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. You just need to share it once on any one of the given websites. So if you want to use the Free version you can recover maximum 2GB of data.


Steps to recover data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free:

  1. Download install the software. Launch the software from desktop or start menu.
  2.  After launching make sure you have shared their software once and your data recovery limit is 2048MB i.e. 2GB.
  3. Next you will see the option to select the type of data you want to scan for. Choose the proper type, and if you can’t decide select all. Note: Scanning will not consume the limit provided with the free version.


  4. After you select Next, you will get an option to choose the location from where the data was lost. If it is on a removable disk, plug it in and then select the proper option.
  5. The next step is to press the scan button so that the software will start the magic. If you get the data you were looking for, then you can select and choose to recover. If not then you have an option of deep scan which will take more time but is more effective in finding the data than normal scan.
  6. The last step will recover the data. Always remember to choose the recovery location something different from where it was lost.

You can watch the video to understand the process in much more detail. The Free version also does a pretty good job of recovering lost data and the software is well built. A thumbs up from my side and you can definitely go for this software.

data recover

How to recover lost deleted data ?

In this digital age, most of us use computers to store our most crucial information. But computers are also not foolproof to data loss. Sometimes we may accidentally lose some important data due to some reasons like formatting, partition loss, or improper operation. Though the data once deleted can be recovered till it’s not replaced by any new data. So today we will learn how to recover data using EaseUS free data recovery software. Before that let’s understand what happens when you delete the data.

What happens when you delete data?

Data copied to your hard drive is allotted some specific space and a pointer that points towards the address of the data. This pointer helps computer keep a track on the location of the file on the whole hard drive. Whenever we delete some data (even from recycle bin), the pointer of the data is removed and we cannot see the data on our hard drive. Though all the files are still present on our hard drive. Now we can use some data recovery software like EaseUS data recovery to recover the lost data.

How to recover lost deleted data?

  • First download the free data recovery software according to the operating system installed.
  • Now install the software on your computer.
  • Choose the type of lost data like graphics, audio, document, video, email or other.
  • Scan the specific location or the whole computer for the lost data. You can also recover data from pen drive or memory cards.
  • Once you start the scan, you will see the data that was found. After the scan has completed, you can recover your data.
  • Just remember one thing, the new found data should be recovered in a different location than the previous location in which it was present.
  • You can also use deep scan option to optimize your search and find very old files. Deep scan will take more time than normal scan depending on the storage size.

Limitations of data recovery

Once you start pasting new data in your hard drive, the old data gets overwritten which makes the recovery process a bit difficult. Data which gets overwritten many times becomes almost impossible to recover using normal software.

So if any of your data gets deleted, do not paste any new data in the same location. If you have any doubts please post them in the comment section below.


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Backup Computer Key In Blue For Archiving And Storage

EaseUS Todo Backup review

In this digital era, data is one of the most important asset to everyone. With something so important there comes a responsibility of keeping our assets safe. We can always make copies of data i.e. backups in case we lost the original copy due to some issue. But backing up data can be one of the most boring job without the proper tools and knowledge. So today we will do EaseUS Todo backup review which has many different backup options according to our needs. Do note that we are using EaseUS Todo backup Home edition which is a paid version.

EaseUS Todo Backup Review

To start with we will list all the features of EaseUS Todo Backup which is a free backup software. Then we will see how you can use these features for your benefit.


Along with these features it also has some tools like checking image integrity, create emergency disk, wipe data, mount/unmount disk etc.

ease us todo backup review

EaseUS Todo backup

Disk/Partition Backup

Now this will create the backup of the entire disk or the partition which you choose manually. There is more to it, you can also schedule backups to happen automatically at a certain period of time. After you select the drive/partition to backup and the destination, its time for the backup options. First backup option enables you to choose the compression ranging from none to high. Higher the compression rate slower the backup operations will be. You can also split the backup in different images either automatically or manually. The second option is encrypion which will let you to choose a password for the backup so that no one can misuse your data even if they have the file. The third option is performance which lets you decide how much system resource should the software use for these operations. If you choose high, the backup will be faster but your system will get slower and you can’t multi-task. You can also choose the network transfer speed if the destination or source is present in some other machine on the network. Email notifiaction is the next option which will notify you of the activities of this software. You can also set commands before or after the backup to happen automatically like to shut down the system after backing up all the data. Again the destination/source can be some server in which case you can turn on the FTP transfer which is the next feature. You can also exclude certain files that you don’t want to include in the backup. So these were some amazing backup options which gives you freedom of all sorts. I tried backing up around 8 GB of data and the backup image was of 5 GB that means 3GB compression even at normal compression rate. After that you can always do a incremental or differential backup that will save time.

ease us todo backup review

EaseUS Todo backup options

File backup

This option must be chosen when we have to backup certain files or folders periodically or once in a while. Suppose you have a work folder in you local machine which you need to backup in your USB drive everyday when you leave office. Then you can either schedule the backup or do it manually using this option. It also has the same backup options mentioned above.

System Backup

Now this is associated with the operating system installed on your machine like mine is running Windows 10 present in C drive. Normally if you copy all the C drive files and paste it in some other computer, it will not boot up like your normal PC would, because these system files need to be present in the proper sectors. This all is done easily with EaseUS Todo backup utility. You just need to choose this option and it will auto detect the type of system you are running and the rest is similar to the aforementioned steps.

Smart Backup

The next options is smart backup which will automatically backup any new files that you create while this service is already running. You can turn on monitoring for changes in certain locations and it will backup files only from the source that you mentioned earlier.

Mail Backup

Mail backup means backing up all the emails present in the email client that you use like Outlook. You can take backup of all the folders and then may be go ahead with deleting certain emails without the worry of losing them permanently. You have the option to choose which all emails accounts you want to backup. The mail backup option also saves the sync hassle that is performed when you sign in the outlook account after a fresh system install.


Cloning a hard drive involves copying data from one disk to another one creating a perfect clone of each other. This option can also be used on C drive where normally our system resides. If you plan to upgrade your hard drive you can clone the previous disk into the new one. You also have an option to optimize the backup for SSD and to copy the data sector by sector.

Other tools

ease us todo backup review

EaseUS backup tools

The first option is to check the integrity of a backup image which was previously created. This simply means we are checking the image for any data corruption that may be caused by some outside entity. Next tool enable us to create emergency disk which can be helpful if we are not able to boot in the system on any disk. You can take the emergency disk ISO file in any USB drive or CD/DVD. Next option enables us to completely wipe data from any partition so that it cannot be easily recovered. Consider a case where you are not able to boot into the system so how would you recover from any image. So the next option is to enable PreOS which will let you boot into an environment which will help you to restore the system from a backup image. So always keep this option enabled. The last option is to mount/unmount a backup image so that you can browse all the files that are present in the backup.

So this was EaseUS Todo backup review and all the things that you can do with this software. To restore data from any backup image you need to just browse for the backup and then restore to the desired location. If you have any doubts related to this utility drop them in the comment section below.