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iPage Website Hosting Review

Website making is now a trend among people of different ages. With drag n drop builders available, any person with a minimum amount of technical knowledge can start with their own website and blog. While starting with this one needs to have two important things that are, domain name and hosting. Different companies provide us with domain and hosting at different prices. So choosing the best that fits in our budget can be a tedious task. Today we do a complete review of a company named iPage and see what all services they provide.

iPage is a company that provides various hosting solutions at a low price. So if you are looking for a start in the blogging industry, iPage is the way to go. Plus they give you some additional benefits like marketing credits, unlimited disk space, email etc.


Unlike other websites, iPage provides Free domain for 1 year with a purchase of the hosting plan. So always remember to buy it along with the hosting plan. No need to spend extra bucks for the domain when you choose iPage.


iPage basically provides three different types of hosting plans viz. iPage Essential hosting, WordPress Hosting and VPS hosting. Each of them are categorized based on the price and the services they provide.

iPage Essential Hosting Plan

This is a plan for someone who is just starting with their own website. The price of this plan is 1$-3$ per month depending on the offer going on. You get unlimited disk space, one free domain for 1 year, unlimited emails, unlimited SQL database, unlimited bandwidth. Though iPage promises that most of the things are unlimited, they have clearly mentioned in the terms and condition that if the usage exceeds certain fair usage policy, they may limit the sources. As this is a shared hosting plan, there are other websites hosted on the same server as yours. You can host multiple websites with this plan and there is again no limit as such. With all this you also get some marketing credits, 1GB free cloud storage, website making tools with 1-click installation. I recommend this plan to all the beginners who are not expecting a huge traffic. There is downtime with this shared hosting but for starters it will work just fine. Small web development projects can also be hosted with this plan.

Where to Buy? : Click Here to buy iPage Essential Hosting Plan

WordPress Hosting

The normal hosting is customized according to the famous content management software i.e. wordpress.  There are two sub types of wordpress hosting available with iPage viz. WP Starter and WP essential. WP starter gives you the normal hosting plan with customized cpanel, some preinstalled plugins and themes. WP essentials adds up speed, security and support to the existing plan. So it is all up to you which to choose based on your requirements.

VPS Hosting

ipage vps hosting

When your traffic grows, the website will need a server of its own. In that case you can go for a virtual private server, where you can get your own server handling all the traffic. You can also host multiple websites in a VPS plan. Again depending on your requirements you can choose the specifications of your server. Head over to this link to see the prices according to the server configuration. These plans are mostly preferred by large organizations and companies. VPS hosting can range from 20$-80$ per month.


How To Pay?

iPage only accepts credit cards and payment through Paypal. As I am an Indian user, not a single debit card worked while making a transaction. I even tried linking debit card to Paypal and then paying through that, but it also didn’t work. So try to use only credit cards. After the payment is done, sometimes they may ask you for identification and you have to send them a photo of passport or driving license.

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